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Episode 100



Margo and Leah get lost in one of the rooms and hear someone moaning. They're both relieved to find Leah's husband Edward. Leah cuts him loose and the two share a joyous reunion before asking if he knows where Ben is. Meanwhile, Jessica, Tom, and Curtis stumble upon Margo and Leah's cell and find it empty...except for a dead Owen.

Jennifer is pleased when Lisa arrives and asks the fashionista to help her with the summer line. Lisa says that she'll do what she can, but makes no promises due to her looming family crisis. Jennifer, once Lisa has left, asks Nick if they have become a couple or if they're just going to keep skirting around the issue. Nick comments that eh thought they made it pretty official when they had sex in the Threaz office and the two begin making love...in the Threadz office...once again.

Lisa returns to the hotel and finds a bruised and beaten Roxie unconcious on the floor. Lisa asks who ddi this to her, but Roxie is unresponsive. Lisa phones an ambulance and vows to make whoever did this to her grandchild pay, which Roxie hears just as she comes to. As she's wheeled down the hall, Roxie flashes back to being brutally beaten just minutes ago by Nadine. Then, she flashes back to her childhood when an enraged Nadine used to continually beat her, claiming that Roxie was the reason behind her daughter's (Roxie's mother's) suicide.

Katie continues putting on the charm for Stephen and makes up some lie about her paralyzed niece is his biggest fan. Stephen makes the comment that he feels like he knows her from somewhere, but Katie keeps changing the subject and asks him how happy eh is at his current job. Learning that he's not too pleased, Katie sees an upside and invites Stephen to meet her at the Lakeview where they can "talk".


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Thanks guys!! Good to know I actually have readers! Thanks for supporting me...as well as my fan fic! :D

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