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Episode 101



Margo asks Edward if he knows where Ben is. After Edward gives them directions to a cell, they all three head out to find Ben. Just minutes behind the others, Jessica, Tom, and Curits gradually come to a cell, hoping it's Ben's...but are soon intercepted by four guards. Andy walks in on a disoute between Susan and Emily over Hal's condition. As soon as Andy can drag Emily away, they meet John, who asks to speak with Emily in private. Lily, Lucinda, Meg, and Dusty receive word from James that he will be official stepping in as CEO of "Stenbeck Worldwide" any day now. Rattled, Lucinda tells the three of them that she can't do this anymore. If James wants Worldwide so bad, he can have it. Maddie and Heath run into Luke at Java. Luke apologizes to the couple for his actions and gives them his blessing, saying that the only thing that could make him happy is if Maddie herself is happy.


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