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Episode 102



Margo, Leah, and Edward are relieved to finally be re-united with Ben. Ben, a bit disoriented, asks to see Jessica, and Margo tearfully vows to make arrangements for Ben to do just that. Meanwhile, Tom tells the guards that Owen has been killed and surprisingly, the guards are ecstatic and start setting everyone free. Katie, all dolled up like a porn princess, is delighted to see Stephen. She begins talking about his possible employment at KATY but is cut short. Stephen, wo has caught on to who Katie is and what she is doing, slams her down on the bed and starts raping her. While at the cottage, Mike asks Henry if he's seen Katie because he hasn't been able to reach her for hours now. Andy excuses himself, leaving Emily and John to talk. Emily is shocked when John holds up a cut-out snippet of an expose' that Emily did for The Enquirer right after Andy left town all thso eyears ago, describing him as a "drunken psychopath" and threatens to expose the article to Andy if she doesn't cut things off with his son. Meg, Dusty, and Lily are soon joined by Nick and Jennifer. While Jennifer is devastated by Dusty and Meg's engagement, she also reveals that she and Nick have become a couple. Everyone panics though when Lily can't seem to find Lucinda.


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