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Episode 103



Roxie is finally sent home. Lisa tells Roxie that she can stay with her, but only if she tells her who did this to her. Katie screams for Stephen to stop, but Stephen continues undressing her. Meanwhile, Henry and Mike find an empty room key envelope from The Lakeview at the cottage and rush off to find Katie. Margo and Ben continue to bond as she tells of her struggles to save him. Ben is touched and all are excited when guards come by unlocking doors and Jessica, Tom, and Curtis emerge. Everyone seraches the mansion, looking for Lucinda, Lily tries to call her mother, but it seems to be out of service. She then calls over Holden and Luke in a panic. While Jennifer, Nick, Dusty, Lily, Holden, Luke, and Meg all look for Lucinda...James holds a bound and gagged Lucinda hotstage in the back of his limo.


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