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Episode 104



Roxie refuses to tell Lisa who did this to her, as she envisions what Nadine would do if she found out. Lisa offers emotional support, but is shocked when Roxie rejects her. Ben and Jessica reunite as well as Tom and Margo. Everyone hugs their loved ones and an ambulance arrives to take Margo and Ben, along with the other prisoners, to be checked out...and also to take off Owen's body. The ploice arrive and take everyone's statement. Ben thanks everyone for not giving up on him and tearfully blames himself for being so stupid. Margo and Jessica try to butt in, but in a touching scene, Ben tells Jessica and Curtis that he's living because of them and he's living for them. Everyone tearfully hugs Ben as he continues to tearfully kiss Jessica. Katie screams for help just as Henry and Mike burst in. Stephen takes off, but Henry catches him and surprises everyone by kocking Stephen out. Henry tries to console Katie, but Mike barks at him to stay back. Susan check on Hal and is floored when Hal asks her to help him. Susan tells Hal that she knows of a drug that could help him, but the medicine is strictly experimental at this point. Hal begs Susan to help him and Susan deliberates the issue. Meanwhile, Andy and Emily go out on a date at Mona Lisa. Andy calls Emily on why she seems so distant, but she covers by saying she's upset over Jack and Carly leaving town. Andy tries to calm her, but Emily keeps having flashbacks of John blackmailing her and excuses herself. In the women's bathroom, Emily breaks down, blaming John for ruining the only shot at happiness she's had in a while.


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