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Episode 105



Maddie consoles Luke after finding out that his grandmother is missing. Maddie suggests that he go out with her and Heath, but Luke refuses and sends Maddie on her way. At the party, Maddie is again shocked at Heath's alcohol consumption. Margo and Leah share a tearfelt goodbye at Memorial and the two friends promise to stay in touch. Ben begs Jessica for forgiveness and thanks her and Curtis for saving his life. Mike barks at Henry that if Henry wouldn't have gotten the stupid idea to start KATY, then none of this would have happened. Henry watches as Mike whisks Katie to Memorial to have her checked out while the cops come in and arrest Stephen. While everyone searches for Lucinda, Meg begins to feel sick and wonders what's wrong. Jennifer and Nick have a heated confrontation with Dusty, but are interrupted by a frantic Lily, blasting them for fighting and not searching. Somewhere halway across the globe, Lucinda comes to and notices she's not in Oakdale anymore.

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