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Episode 99



Nick and Jennifer arrive for work at the Threadz office and find a note from Gwen, who says that she has taken the week off. Nick realizes that the summer line is far behind schedule and with Carly moved to Montana, they're going to be working overtime. However, Jennifer gets an idea.

Lisa gets called away and leaves Roxie alone in her hotel room. Roxie relives childhood memories of Nadine recklessly beating her, which brings her to tears. Roxie jumps when she hears a knock at the door and thinking it's Lisa, opens the door to find a furious Nadine.

Gwen surprises Will with a romantic getaway for two to the Bahamas, but Will announces that he won't be able to go. Things are just too complicated right now with his family to be going away on vacation. Will does however present her with a $1000 check to do what she wishes for the week and Gwen, to herself, vows that she knows exactly what she wants to do with it.

Maddie talks with Heath about his drinking the other night and fears for his health and well-being. Heath insists that he's fine and will monitor his future alcohol use if it really makes her that uneasy. He then asks Maddie to accompany him to a rock concert.


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