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#55 Tuesday, November 13th



#55 Tuesday, November 13th

Back at the police station


Evan: Who are you?


Norm: I'm a lawyer, Norm Donahue.

Evan: But I didn't call any lawyer.

Norm: I know, but I have my reasons for being here.

Evan: Did you say your name was Donahue?

Norm: Yep.

Evan: You wouldn't happen to be related to--

Norm: Cody is my brother, the one you framed.

Evan: Then why do you want to help me?

Norm: To be clear, I am not doing any of this for your benefit.

I'm trying to get information on who tried to kill my brother.

Evan: I'm going to say this up front, I didn't have anything to do

with what happened to your brother. I admit that I bought that gun in his name, but that was it.

Norm: With the charges you're facing, rubber checks and money laundering, I'm guessing you will get some serious time.

Evan: I figured that.

Norm: But, if you tell me everything you know about B.P. Charles, I can try and arrange a plea deal.

Evan: What's there to know, he's dead.

Norm: Let's not pretend.

Norm pulls the photographs of B.P. out and puts them on the table.

Norm: You can't tell me that's not B.P. Charles.

Evan: What if it is?

Norm: Now is not the time to play games. You can either tell me what you know or risk spending a very long time in prison.



Lynette is at the CoffeeRoom when Greg comes in and approaches her.


Greg: We need to talk.


Lynette: I got few minutes before I have to leave, so sure.

Greg: It's about what happened last night.

Lynette: You've been thinking about it?

Greg: Yeah, I didn't get any sleep at all. When we kissed it felt so right, but at the same time I knew it was so wrong.

Lynette: Me too.

Greg: I'm starting to think I shouldn't counsel you anymore. I mean, as I doctor I'm obligated not to get involved with a patient.

Lynette: The kiss was just an impulse.

Greg: I think we both felt something. Besides, it's not just the kiss, I feel that we are connected on an emotion level

that is not appropriate for a doctor and patient.

Lynette: I can't deal with this right now, especially since Jim has told me he wants to try and fix things.

Greg: That's great and it's all the more reason that I think I should refer you to another therapist.

Lynette: If you think it's for the best.

Greg: I'm positive it is. I care about you too much to cause you any more strain.

Lynette: You haven't caused me any strain, you've been a friend and helped me through a very difficult time.

Greg: I've crossed a line I shouldn't have. I'm supposed to help fix marriage, not break them.

Lynette: When we kissed it was mutual, you aren't the only one to blame.

Greg: I know.

Lynette: Then you shouldn't beat yourself up about it.

Greg: Like I said, it's more than that. It's the way I feel. I don't think it's right that I feel this way about a married woman.

Lynette: We can't control what's in our hearts.

Greg: But we can keep ourselves from doing the wrong thing.

Greg hands her a card.

Greg: That's the number to very good marriage counselor. She been practicing for years and is very good.

She can definitely help get your marriage back on track.

Lynette: Okay.

Greg leaves. As he steps outside, he lets out a sigh.

Greg: I just had to fall for the wrong one.



Back at the police station.

Evan: Do you really think you can handle the truth?

Norm: Let's hear it.

Evan: First, tell me what you can do for me.

Norm: I know the federal prosecutor, he'll probably be willing to cut a deal with you in exchange for testimony

on what you about organized crime in Detroit.

Evan: I'm not sure about ratting on anyone.

Norm: I'd guess you'd prefer years in prison then.

Evan: How soon can we get a deal?

Norm: As soon as you tell me what you know about B.P. Charles.

Evan hesitates for few seconds

Evan: Is it a sure thing I'll get a reduced sentence?

Norm: I think it's a sure thing, the federal prosecutor has cut deals with others in exchange for testimony.

Evan hesitates again, but eventually starts to ta

Evan: Fine. I bet on a lot of horses in Detroit, I ended up on a huge streak, thought was unbeatable.

Until I made a huge bet, over $20,000 because I was so sure I was gonna win. The horse ending up losing and B.P. Charles came after me.

He said the only way he would excuse my debt is if I bought a gun in Cody Donahue's name.

Norm: Then what happened?

Evan: I did it and brought the gun to him. Then, he told me what the other part of his plan was.

Norm: What was that?

Evan: He wanted me to shoot him. I told him that it was insane and that I wouldn't do it. He then decided to bring my family

into the equation and threaten them.

Norm: So you did it?

Evan: I didn't feel I had a choice, I didn't want risk my family's safety.

Norm: Let's get to the rest of the story.

Evan: Well, after he was shot, I don't know much of what happened, all I know is he survived.

Norm: So he is alive? Do you know where he's at?

Evan: My guess is that he's somewhere in the mountains, he was drove off i a sport vehicle after he met with me.

Norm: Is that all you know?

Evan: Yep.

Norm: All right.

Norm gets up to leave.

Evan: How soon do you think you can cut a deal?

Norm: What deal?

Evan: Don't play games with me.

Norm: You created you fate, live with it.

Evan: You dirty--

Norm leaves.

Flash forward to Wilkins office a little while later, Norm rushes in.

Norm: He's alive.

Wilkins: You got Peters to talk?

Norm: Yes, he said that B.P. survived the shooting.

Wilkins: How?

Norm: Never mind that now, we've got to find out where B.P. is right now.

Peters said he could be in the mountains.

Wilkins: Of course, there's a route that leads up there, it's where people go when they don't want to be bothered.

Norm: How soon can we get there?

Wilkins: Right a way, but there's a chance he might already be gone.

Norm: I know that, but there's a chance we could be able to nab him.


Meanwhile, back at B.P.'s compound, B.P. is loading up an SUV, ready to leave town.....


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Run B.P. run. Norm representing Evan was icing on the cake! And I truly feel bad about what happened to Greg. Who hasn't had to come to terms that the one you want can't always be the one. I'm now officially rooting for Greg and Lynette as a couple. After all they've been through, they deserve it. Nice ep.

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Wow, what an exciting episode. Loved the longer length

I loved how you had Greg be the one who came to Lynette telling what they were doing was wrong. I thought it would be her considering she's a woman, loved the reversal on that. I loved this storyline even more and in fact it is my fav.Let me take you back Redd, "Secret lovers...yea, that's what they are,...Trying so hard to fight they way the feel, Because she's in love with some one else..but they can't let go..," Secret Lovers by the great Alantic Starr. That's what that storyline reminds me off.

ALSO, FINALLY some major movement in The B.P. mystery. Good reveal. Was not expecting that at all. Dude is crazy as hell. Very good twist and I also like how Norm turned the tables on ol' boy. Again, GREAT EPISODE probably one your best. Keep them coming

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