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Though LIS is still on official hiatus, there has been released from LIS an EXCLUSIVE preview on what is to come for The Cassadines vs. DiMera's!

"The War": "The War" is the official name for this brand new LIS story, though it is not exactly a war with guns. It will be a journey and an all out battle with all of Salem involved. Every single character on LIS and possibly MORE! This story will feature returns, exits, and excitement. Currently alot of stories on LIS have reached or are soon to reach the climax/turning point. And no matter what it is THEY ALL will be involved with this story. Basically, the chandelier incident at Chez Rouge and the death of Alice Horton has sparked everything. The death of Alice was natural but it will cause quite a bit of stir in Salem. Alice also saved the Horton's lives at Chez Rouge. Meanwhile Stefano has three goals in this war: Eliminate Helena Cassadine, destroy the whole Brady and Horton families. Helena wants EJ to overthrow Stefano and take the DiMera throne. Helena believes he is the rightful DiMera heir and because of Nikolas's rejection to be the Cassadine heir now believes that is EJ's place as well. Also during this storyline why Stefano and Helena had a child but are enemies will be revealed. But how does the rest of Salem get drawn in? It's simple! Stefano sees his chance to destroy all his enemies. It eventually leads to all of Salem fighting against each other. Just about all of Salem has a tie to Stefano so it will be huge.

But how will this all unravel and what will happen? Tune into LIS to find out!


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I am still getting over the fact that you killed Alice, that took balls! This sounds great and I can't wait!

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