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Episode 36: The Wait Begins



Monica came rushing into the room when she heard AJ come in. She ran up to him and threw her arms around him. "Oh AJ, I am so glad you are here. We need you so much right now." She pulled back and looked ather son. "AJ you look wonderful. Life in California has been treating you well."

AJ reached for Sarah's hand. "You all remember Sarah Webber?" The Quartermaines nodded. "Sarah and I got married a week ago. We met in Santa Barbara at the San Remos Hospital and have been together ever since."

Shock reverberated throughout the room. Edward glanced up and said faintly, "Sarah I hope you know what you are getting into. Welcome to the family."

"I can't believe you didn't tell your father and I AJ." Monica reprimanded, sitting down in a chair.

Sarah spoke up for the first time. "It was a spur of the moment thing."

Tracy interrupted her and immediately jumped to conclusions., "Oh my God, you are pregnant aren't you?"

Sarah shook her head, "I can assure you I am not."

The door to the emergency room opened and Dr Hayward emerged. "Good afternoon everyone, I am Dr David Hayward." He shook everyone's hand and sat down. "I just want to explain what we are doing right now. The aneuryism has not burst and we are going to repair that. If it bursts, than we do run into risks. If Dr Quartermaine makes it through the surgery without the aneuryism bursting he has a stronger change of survival. I want to tell you that he has been brought up to the operating room and is being put under anesthesia as we speak. Dr Drake and I are going to start the surgery very shortly. I estimate that it will last about 4 hours."

Skye interrputed, "David, will he survive?"

David looked over at Skye and smiled reassuringly, "I have every reason to believe that if he makes it through the surgery without the aneryism bursting than he will. If it bursts, he can still survive but there is more chance that he could pass. He was in good spirits when I spoke to him last, as Monica can attest to. I also want to warn you of something. Dr Quartermaine is going to lose a lot of blood so we will be doing transfusions and saline into him to keep him hydrated. When you see him next, he will be swollen." David looked at the clock on the wall and said, "I have to get going. I suggest that you go to the private waiting room outside the operating rooms. That way, if we need to get to you we know where you are." With that, David confidently left the room.

Tracy watched him leave, "I don't like him. He's oily as a snake."

"Takes one to know one." muttered Skye.

Monica ignored them and stood up, "Dr Hayward is right, we need to go upstairs. Sarah, I know it's difficult circumstances, but welcome to the family."

Sarah smiled sweetly back, "Thank you Dr Quartermaine." Sarah turned to AJ. "Honey do you mind if I meet you up there? I saw Elizabeth on our way in and I want to say hello to my sister and get an update on Gram."

AJ leaned over and kissed Sarah. "Sure. I love you."

"I love you too."

Sarah walked through the hospital towards the Nurse's Station where she last saw her sister. She smiled to herself when she saw her sister waddling up to the desk. Sarah came up behind Elizabeth, put her hands over her eyes and whispered, "Guess who?"

Elizabeth turned around at the sound of her sister's voice, "Sarah? What are you doing here?"

Sarah hugged her sister and answered, "My husband brought me back."

"Your husband?" Elizabeth broke the embrace, "Who did you marry?"

"AJ Quartermaine." Sarah held out her left hand which now sported a 2.5 carat diamond flanked by 1 carat diamonds on either side in a platninum setting. "He surprised me and we eloped. Then we found out about his father and flew here. We have only been married less than a week. We were going to fly out here anyway and surprise everyone, this was just sooner than expected."

Elizabeth glanced at the clock. "Sarah, why don't you go sit down. I will be finished up very soon. Give me five minutes."

Upstairs in the waiting room, James was getting fussy. He was starting to cry and starting to get on everyone's nerves. Brenda got up and excused herself and asked Ned to come with her for a minute. Once outside she said, "Look I know you want James here, but he is getting very fussy and he is way past his nap time. I need to get him home Ned so that he can lay down."

Ned sighed and kissed James, "I know you are right, I just want him here, you know? Go ahead. I will call you later. Do me a favor, don't let anyone say anything to the press at the house."

"Of course." Brenda gathered everything up for James and left. Once she settled James into the car, where he promptly fell asleep she called Sonny. "Hey Sonny, it's me."

"I was just thinking of you. Are you coming over?" Sonny replied.

"I can't. Look, Alan Quartermaine is going through critical surgery. AJ is home and he has a wife now. I thought you might want to know because of Michael." Brenda stated.

Sonny paused in disbelief, "Who would marry AJ?"

Brenda laughed, "Well,Carly did."


"His wife is Sarah Webber." Brenda said as she navigated the car into the driveway of the Quartermaine mansion. "I thought you might want to warn Carly."

Sonny sighed heavily into the phone, "I should call her. Will you have a chance to come over later? I would like to see you if possible."

Brenda smiled into the phone and turned the car off. "I will try. I have to go and I will talk to you later."

Elizabeth walked over to Sarah and sat down next to her, Elizabeth's eyes glowing. She grabbed her sister's hand, "I am so glad you are here. I need a friend right now. But first, I want to here all about how you met AJ."

"Well he got into a small car accident and I was his physican's assistant. We recognized each other and started talking. He asked me for dinner that night and I went and we have been together ever since. That simple." Sarah shrugged. "He was working at this company, Wayne Industries. They merged with Capwell in Santa Barbara, did you hear about that merger?"

"Yeah I did hear something about that merger. They kicked CC Capwell's wife out of the building if I recall." Elizabeth remembered.

Sarah leaned back into the pillows, "You heard right. AJ was high up in the company but there was too many management and he was laid off. I gave my notice at the Clinic and we are moving back to Port Charles." Sarah looked at Elizabeth excitedly, "Which is great because I want to be with you when the baby is born and I never liked one of CC Capwell's daughters anyway so I was glad he lost the job. It was like they shared some secret, like they knew each other in a former life."

Elizabeth laughed, "Oh Sarah, I do doubt that. But weren't you seeing some guy, a doctor for a while?"

Sarah's face clouded. "I was. He is out of the picture." Sarah looked away, "Liz, I don't want to talk about it, ok? Just drop it. How are things with Lucky? Is he loosening up a bit? Want me to talk to him for you?"

"Thanks for the offer," Elizabeth sighed, "But he is being as stubborn as usual. I also don't know what Emily is feeding him. She has it in her head that I want Nikolas. She even asked Alison Barrington to spy on me but Alison shot it right down. Nikolas was going to confront her with it but the whole thing with Alan happened."

"I'll take her down Liz," Sarah said loyally, "You know I will." Sarah laughed, "She must hate the fact that I will be sleeping with her brother in her house knowing that I was with Nikolas."

Elizabeth looked at the clock. "Sarah, you might want to get up to AJ. I have to get going. You will stop by and see Cameron soon, right? Will you call me and let me know how Alan is doing?"

Sarah stood up and pulled Elizabeth up with her, both laughing. "I will." Sarah hugged her sister, "It is so good to be back. I have missed you so much. Tell Gram I will call her later ok?"

Elizabeth nodded as Sarah walked towards the elevators. Sarah got in and pushed the button for the fifth floor. She was looking down at her nails when the door opened and she stepped out right into someone. She looked up and gasped, "Patrick!"

"Sarah! What are you doing here?" A stunned Patrick said.

Sarah hauled back and slapped Patrick hard across the face.


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I really like the way you've introduced Sarah & AJ. Love the connection you established between Sarah & Patrick- I totally didn't see that coming, even though Liz mentioned he was a doctor.

And, of course, I love the 'RTSB' references! I'm wondering which Capwell daughter Sarah isn't too fond of, though I expect it's Kelly.

By the way, I always liked Sonny with Brenda as well. Brenda was always a bright spot on GH IMO and had chemistry with everyone, but especially Mo.

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Juniorz! AJ is played by Billy Warlock. Eden Capwell is played by Marcy Walker, his ex wife. That's the connection I was refering too!

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate them!

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Juniorz! AJ is played by Billy Warlock. Eden Capwell is played by Marcy Walker, his ex wife. That's the connection I was refering too!

:lol::lol: :lol: I can't believe that went right by me! I guess I try to block it out of my head that my Marcy was married to that little pipsqueak. They never made sense to me.

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Great Job Tishy. I really like the potential between a Sarah/AJ/Robin/Patrick quadrangle, it could be really interesting!!

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Loved it Tishy. Loved the references to RTSB too. Can't believe Greg missed the connection between Billy Warlock & Marcy Walker. It was cute you used that.

Love the connection with Sarah & Patrick too. Great job.

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