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Episode #19 - Thursday, January 5:



Episode #19 - Thursday, January 5:

- Jan tells Sami and Carrie that in her parents' estate on the outside of Salem in a floorboard in her room lies files proving that Nicole attempted to kill both Colin Murphy and Victor, a video tape proving that she tried to kill each of them, a video tape of her past as a porn star, and an audio casette in which Nicole detailed Victor's attempted murder.

- Hope visits Celeste and asks her about her time at Maison Blanche. Celeste explains that Hope arrived there shortly after she finished impersonating Princess Gina for Stefano.

- Shawn and Mimi return to their loft where they begin to make love on the couch. Meanwhile, Rex lands in Salem and heads for the loft!

- Jack decides to take Jennifer to Smith Island where they continue their reunion.

- Abe decides to start the investigation by looking into John's possible involvement in Tony's murder.

- Jack and Jennifer make love at the Horton cabin on Smith Island, but Stefano calls Jack at the cabin to let him know that his personal time is almost up before his role as Stefano's pawn goes into full effect.

- Cassie enters the Dimera Mansion. Alex/Stefano hides when he hears someone enter.

- Belle and Phillip book an appointment with the psychiatrist for couple counseling.

- Carrie and Sami agree not to tell anyone that Jan is almost fully recovered. They leave Jan in Chicago and head back to Salem, thanking her for helping them.

- Hope asks Celeste how much she knows about her time as Princess Gina. Celeste confesses that she really does not know much about her time as Gina.

- Jan swears to make it back to Salem soon and vows revenge on Rex, Belle, Phillip, Mimi, AND Shawn!

- Billie begins investigating where the real Georgia can possibly be.

- Hope confesses the secret Tony told her to Celeste....Celeste states that considering everything she saw and heard when Hope first arrived at Maison Blanche before Stefano wiped out her memory....that she thinks Tony is telling the truth!

- Shawn and Mimi's lovemaking is interupted....BY REX!

- Stefano grabs Cassie from behind! She screams in terror!


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