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Episode #18, Wednesday, January 4th



Episode #18, Wednesday, January 4th:

- Carrie and Sami come face to face with Jan Spears (Heather Lindell) at the hospital in Chicago! They explain that they want the goods on Nicole and was told by Victor that she had them!

- Kate and Billie manage to cover up what Bo has heard. Bo and Billie continue to comfort each other over the loss of Chelsea. Billie keeps the truth about Chelsea a secret!

- Alex/Stefano learns that Hope was sneaking around the mansion looking for proof of the secret that Tony whispered to her before he slipped into his coma. He tells Bart that everyone is playing into his hands quite nicely.

- Jan explains that the doctors in Salem said that she would never come out of her coma so everyone in Salem still thinks she is in her irreversible coma. She tells Carrie and Sami that if she gives them the dirt on Nicole then they have to keep Jan's recovery a secret from Shawn, Belle, and Mimi.

- Little by little, everyone in Salem begins to discover that Jack is still alive.

- Roman interrogates Cassie and tells her that he knows she is keeping something from him. He demands to know what it is.

- Shawn and Mimi announce their engagement.

- Belle is horribly upset by the news of Shawn and Belle's engagement. Phillip sees this, and he demands they see the marriage counselor that Lexie has advised them to see.

- Cassie manages to throw Roman off of her trail.

- Max gives Abby a warm embrace when they get caught up in the moment when she tells him her father is alive. They are both shaken by the moment of connection.

- Hope is disturbed at how close Bo and Billie seem to be getting over the death of Chelsea.

- Cassie approaches the Dimera Mansion, her old home, and is shocked to see that it looks like someone is living there. She enters the mansion.

- Bonnie and Kate celebrate their victory in keeping Shawn and Belle apart and keeping Claire's paternity a secret.

- At Sami's insistance, Carrie reluctantly agrees to the terms of Jan's deal.

- Shawn and Mimi begin to plan their wedding as Rex boards a plane ready to return to Salem!

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Things are definitely heating up in Salem. Shawn and Mimi announce their engagement as Rex plans his return home. I see things getting complicated, but in such a good way with lots of drama.

I can't think of anything that Cassie would be hiding. Is she a prostitute? I hope not.

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