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Episode #20 - Friday, January 6th:



Episode #20 - Friday, January 6th:

- Carrie and Sami arrive back in Salem and break into Jan's house.

- Cassie screams as Stefano/Alex grabs her from behind.

- Rex manages to get back out of the loft before Shawn and Mimi can see who walked in on them!

- Victor decides to play dirty in his war against Basic Black so he has a bug planted in John's office.

- Marlena prays that God will help John find a way to find her.

- Jan's neighbors call the cops who catch Sami and Carrie snooping in Jan's room.

- Cassie turns and is shocked to see Alex/Stefano. She screams in disbelief - "GRANDFATHER!?"

- Marlena bangs on her cell window which leads outside and manages to grab the attention of a young woman....

- Bonnie sees Rex at Salem Place! She immediately heads to Basic Black to talk to Kate.

- Cassie demands to know what Stefano is doing back in town. She asks him where Marlena is. It is revealed through Stefano and Cassie's conversation that they are working together!

- The young woman gets scared and runs away from Marlena's window.

- Sami and Carrie are arrested for trespassing.

- Bart walks in on Cassie and Stefano, and Bart panics when he sees Cassie. Stefano explains to Bart that years ago, he had Cassie and Rex gentically engineered to be his new pawns and the new generation of Dimeras. He explains that when he brought them to town, it became evident that there was a defect in Rex that caused him to be good and refuse the Dimera way. Stefano then wiped Rex's memory out and relied solely on Cassie to be his pawn. Stefano explains that Tony and Marlena are the TRUE parents of Cassie and Rex, but Stefano and Tony made Roman and Kate think they are the parents of Rex and Cassie so Cassie could infiltrate the Brady's and gain their trust. Cassie tells Stefano that she has grown to care for Roman and says she is concerned about what Rex and Roman will think when they find out about her duplicity. Stefano angrily lashes out at Cassie and demands that she will do what she came to Salem to do - help Stefano bring down the Brady's!

- John is shocked and disappointed to learn that he is Abe's prime suspect in Tony's murder.

- Stefano tells Bart and Cassie that with both Cassie and Jack working for him and acting as his pawns/contacts, then there is no way that the Brady's will come out on top this time!

- Bonnie panics in front of Kate and tells her that Rex is back, and she is afraid about what this means for her daughter and Shawn while everything is going to work out perfectly for Phillip! Kate drags Bonnie into John's office as she swears that she will make sure that her son, Rex, will stay away from Mimi. She says that Mimi is no good for her son. Bonnie angrily lashes out and tells Kate that is in both of their interests that Shawn and Mimi and Phillip and Belle stay together and that no one find out the truth about Claire's paternity! Victor listens through the bug that he has planted in John's office....


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