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Episode #21 - Monday, January 9th:



Episode #21 - Monday, January 9th:

- Sami and Carrie manage to talk themselves out of being arrested when the police officers find out they are Roman Brady’s daughters, and Carrie and the officer realize they went to school with one another!

- Victor is shocked when the bug he planted in John’s office picks up a shocking conversation between Bonnie and Kate that reveals Claire is Shawn’s baby!

- Bo and Hope grow further apart as she keeps hidden the shocking secret Tony told her on his deathbed, while he keeps his grief over Chelsea hidden from her…and opens up to Billie about it! Billie continues to keep quiet about the fact that Tony told her Chelsea was not the real Georgia and that subsequent secret DNA tests the ISA had done that proved him correct.

- Austin and Nicole get trapped in the Laundry Room together.

- Rex can’t shake the fact that he saw Shawn and Mimi making love!

- Carrie and Sami promise the officers to leave the scene and explain it was all one, big misunderstanding. When the officers leave, Sami and Carrie break back into Jan’s house!

- Mimi is shaken when she has a disturbing dream about Rex…kissing her passionately!

- Austin and Nicole grow closer than ever as they open up about their childhoods with abusive fathers.

- At Bonnie’s insistence, Kate finds Rex. She welcomes him home and urges him to stay away from Mimi Lockhart! Rex believes Kate is looking out for his best interest. Little does he know, that she wants Shawn to stay coupled up with Mimi so he cannot steal Belle from Phillip!

- Nicole once again tries to kiss Austin, but he rebuffs her advances. She is ready to give up on Austin when he tells her that she will make a man very happy someday. He confesses that if Carrie was not in his life, then he would be interested in her.

- Stefano begins to make plans for Cassie and Jack’s infiltration of the good people of Salem.

- Carrie and Sami finally get their hands on the evidence that Jan promised them.

- Abe deflects his attention from John as a suspect and is pleased when the investigating officers find a woman’s bracelet and a man’s wedding ring in Tony’s hospital bed sheets. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope both have separate memories of being alone with Tony and screaming at him for his evil deeds!

- Kate comes face to face with a furious Victor who tells her that he knows about Claire’s paternity!


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