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  1. Yes the DiMera mansion set was once that of Donovan manor. On GH, the old Webber home became the Scorpio home, and the set is now being used as the Brownstone, which is being renovated by the Scooby Doo Gang, aka Kiki, Morgan, and Michael.
  2. Claire Labine stated in an interview that former ABC Daytime President Jackie Smith insisted in the early 80's that the network's soap incorporate more current pop music into their shows. Those songs are what caused SoapNet to shy away from broadcasting Ryan's Hope episodes past 1981.
  3. SoapNet only played Ryan's Hope's episodes from 75-81, running them several times. They stopped with the 81 episodes due to high fees that would have to be paid for all the pop music used in the post 81 shows.
  4. Loved WOST! Having been obsessed with tv themes all my life, and especially soap openings and closings, I visited the site daily and was there until the very end. The community of posters was the best then and hasn't been matched since IMO. Spirited, passionate, and educated commentary that is sorely missed.
  5. They hooked up on screen and one gave the other a VD.
  6. Labine had pitched Heart & Soul to ABC first, and they were in discussions when Riche got word. She then (perhaps out of spite or competition) went to ABC and proposed Port Charles, selling it as being cheaper to produce because it would shoot on the same lot as GH and make use of GH's sets. ABC being the corporate profit over quality bastards that they are went with PC, and Riche developed the show with the Cullitons. From what I understand, it was pretty much just thrown together...originally called real concept of themes except that it was a spinoff, and was supposed to skew younger ("Not your mother's General Hospital!"). As with any production thrown together with no heart and soul, (pun intended), the show was bland for the most part. I watched from the beginning, and I found the start to be okay, but very quickly it just failed to spark anything exciting. The highlights were the attempts to crossover with GH, especially the Nurses Ball shows. But the turnover in writers, and lack of focus, plus the meandering plots featuring silly medical stories, stock character, and gimmicks like "General Homicide" and casting of former soap stars in lackluster roles, made the show pale in comparison to the show it replaced, The City. The move to telenovela format had promise...until they made the mistake of turning to the supernatural. The was not enough of an audience at that time in the morning to support that type of storytelling, and older viewers weren't going to cotton to that. In addition, following the cancellation, many viewers wanted Lucy and some of the others back on GH, but PC had gone so far into the vampire and ghouls otherworld that to try and bring them back to relatively normal (at least non-supernatural) GH world was too much to manage, and poor Lucy the sudden vampire slayer has never been seen nor heard of again.
  7. Won't happen..that half hour belongs to the affiliates, and the ship sailed along time ago. Once the network gives timeslots over to the locals, they NEVER get them back.
  8. Has it been explained where in the hell Daisy is getting her money from? She's been living pretty well since getting sprung from the big house.
  9. But is it not easy to see that the treatment she received from TPTB BEFORE Rauch that she described was in her eyes racism, and she had done the research that proved she was receiving treatment different from her white co-stars. So it was the sum of all those experiences that I am speaking of, and Rauch continued the shallow tacky mistreatment that had been established, and took it to a cruel level. Not saying that he wasn't an !@#$%^&*] to many, but it the vast majority of stories of his terror behind the scenes always invariably begin with his handling of Hayman and Holly, who were treated and dismissed more in a much more public and nasty manner than anyone else. Maybe it is a sensitivity to the issue, but that is how people who know firsthand how it feels and the backlash that seems to come these days to anyone who dares call out racism ("they are playing the race card!") has led to an more intense defense of those who dare to speak what they feel has happened to them.
  10. And am i the only one who feels that Luke has spent the better part of the last several years walking around looking like he needed a good hot shower?
  11. Not here in fact just this week, a man was sitting in his stalled car on side of the freeway in Houston with his kid in the car when a drunk driver smashed into them and killed the kid. The father was drunk too, and he was charged with DWI and vehicular manslaughter. The drunken driver who crashed into the stalled car was charged only with DWI and was released on bail, while the father, who was not driving, remains behind bars.
  12. You must not have watched a lot of daytime acting. This is NOTHING compared to the entire run of PASSIONS, half the cast of DAYS at any given time 1990-present, the first year of CAPITOL, the first year of basically any show...the list goes on. Kate/Connie is Oscar-worthy in comparison.
  13. You mean to tell me those B-movie style prison inmate PAID a guard CASH to get time alone with Maxie in order to paint her face with makeup to make her look like Krusty the Klown? They actually got satisfaction over what amounts to a sorority hazing-lite? Even though there was definite sexual undertones and innuendo from Big Red-Head Mama...but never said outright. Of course having such a horrid makeup job done on her is too much to bear for Maxie, enough probably to force her to realize prison life is too hard and it's time to tell the truth.
  14. I think it does a disservice to Miss Holly to just dismiss her claims of being the victim of racism so casually. When you experience the ugly treatment and nastiness of racism, it's unmistakable. And especially back in the days she was speaking of, it was not hidden, and equality, while achieved in the courts and law, did not just erase the horrors of racism instantly from society. Yes all the actors were paid poorly. BUT Holly was paid even less than the sorry going base rate. She was not the only person of was happening in all sectors of society. So just to assume that she was mistaken or taking how she was treated too personally is disrespectful to both her and other people of color who were still fighting for equality. Before making such judgments, look into the true story and circumstances and don't be so quick to pooh pooh the real hurt and struggle that so many went through. It was real, and it should never be forgotten, nor repeated.
  15. Can someone tell why Carly, the owner of Metro Court, supposedly a big grand city hotel, is working the front desk checking in guests? I used to work at one such hotel on the front desk...and let me assure you that we didn't even have our front desk MANAGER checking in guests, let alone anyone from upstairs! It's like the Metro Court is like the Strathford Inn on NEWHART.