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  1. It is a risky move because it will be pre-empted for 6 weeks for Thursday Night Football in November / December and then again for two weeks in February for the Winter Olympics. NBC is giving it the spot airing after the Super Bowl. I hope all the pre-emptions don't scare the viewers away.
  2. Wouldn't it be awesome if a copy of Alice's confrontation with Rachel at the engagement party existed? That would be really cool to see that scene...
  3. 53 years ago today Another World premiered on NBC... "We do not live in this world alone,but in a thousand other worlds.The events of our lives represent only the surface,and in our minds and feelings,we live in many other hidden worlds" And now the continuing story of Another World...
  4. The 3 PM time slot was competitive and popular- 96% of all TV sets were watching Another World (29%), General Hospital (28%), or Match Game (39%) during this time slot. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1973–74_United_States_network_television_schedule_(weekday)
  5. I think Vicky Wyndham would have been fine playing the 74 clips- in her 25th Anniversary episode from 1997- there were plenty of 70s clips of Mac and Rachel, Rachel and Ada, and Rachel and Steve- in 1989 the show probably used clips they had easy access to, I'm sure they didn't go out of their way searching for specific clips. Makes you wonder what still exists in some video library somewhere, and why P&G still sits on laurels about airing what does exist from all their soaps. MeTV, AntennaTV, Hulu, Nextflix- could be airing episodes of all the P&G soaps... Could not agree with you more... ?????
  6. Judi Evans (Paulina) could have been a perfect recast of Nancy in the 90s.
  7. The character of Sally should have never been killed. She should have left town for awhile and then returned to the canvas. Mary Page Keller had some modest success in prime time and then nothing. I imagine if Keller was offered a good deal she would have returned to AW. She was Jamie's stepsister and Rachel's stepdaughter, she had a son Kevin who could have easily been written on the show, and she would have kept Irene Dailey's Aunt Liz on the canvas. The presence of Sally would have compensated for all those Amanda recasts in the 90s and probably could have kept the show from being so "Vicky-centric" with all the storylines revolving around Jensen Buchanan's Vicky.
  8. I'll cut TPTB some slack with those 25th Anniversary episodes for some "missteps" since the scripts had to be heavily rewritten to compensate the untimely death of Douglass Watson (Mac). Wasn't he on vacation when he passed away, and then was to return to film the party scenes for the 25th Anniversary. There was a scene in the episodes where Rachel and Alice speak about missing Steve. This was the perfect time to do some Alice, Steve, and Rachel flashbacks or have Steve appear to both Alice and Rachel. AW needed some real stability in 1989 after the passing of Douglass Watson. If George Reihholt had himself together to be a team player, I would have rewritten the Edward Black/Steve Frame story to have David Canary's character be an imposter who assumed Steve's identity and held the real Steve hostage after his plane crash in 1975. Mac could have discovered the real Steve was alive and sent the clue to Rachel in the red swan. The real Steve turns up alive, and you could have had the real Rachel/Steve/Alice triangle in 1989 to compensate for the absence of Mac. This would have made more sense than the entire Ken Jordan/Paulina story that aired on the show.
  9. AW's executive producer at the time of Courtney's return was Allen Potter, who was also the EP of AW when the show started in 1964, so he certainly knew her importance as did P&G executive Ed Trach. I wonder if TPTB lost interest quickly when Courtney's return did not give the show a significant ratings boost. It would have been interesting to pair her with Carl Hutchins - Mac's enemy-or repaired her with Mac once Rachel got amnesia. Courtney did her best work in those scenes with Rachel when she was her doctor. Several weeks later she was dropped from the show. Also agree about her hair and clothes- I guess they were trying to make her look believable as Sally's mother by making her matronly. Had she stayed with the show, I wonder what Harding Lemay would have done with Alice when he returned in 1988?
  10. Since this was May 1984, I think the author of the article would have used the words action/adventure rather than James Bond to refer to the death of David Thatcher and the subsequent murders that would result in several characters going to Majorca, Spain in November 1984 in an action/adventure story.
  11. I'm not sure how much TV coverage the 20th Anniversary and the return of Jacqueline Courtney received; however, the show received a spread in People magazine- below is the text from the article from the people.com website. The pictures from the article are not included with the article. The 20th Anniversary party was held at Windows on the World on the 106th floor of the World Trade Center that would be destroyed during the 9/11 tragedy. After Two Decades, the Cast of NBC's Another World Feels Like It's on Top of This One BY PEOPLE STAFF POSTED ON MAY 21, 1984 AT 12:00PM EDT Manhattan’s Windows on the World ballroom became a window on Another World as a glittering crowd of stars and friends celebrated the NBC soap opera’s 20th anniversary. Some 350 filled the top-of-the-town eatery on the World Trade Center’s 106th floor to wine, dine, dance and hear a mayoral proclamation declaring May 4 “Another World Day.” The show’s once high ratings have slipped over the years, perhaps because Another World has retained its naturalistic Bay City setting while other soaps have delved into fantasy and science fiction. Sources say AW plans to experiment soon with a James Bond kind of story line. As a further lure to wayward audiences, the producers rehired Jacquie Courtney, who made her reappearance on the show’s birthday broadcast. Her mission: revive the role of Alice Frame, whose interminable love triangle with Rachel Cory and Steven Frame was TV’s hottest, years before Luke met Laura. “Someone just told me, ‘We want a 25 [share], and you’ll do it!’ ” said Courtney, 37. “But there is no one person who can do it. It’s the company and, most important, the story line.” Will Alice find love and boost the ratings? Will Bay City be invaded by Martian doctors and be saved by James Bond? Tune in tomorrow for the show’s third decade.
  12. And that promo aired during the week of April 30- May 4, 1984. There is no mention of the show' s 20th Anniversary or the return of Jacqueline Courtney as Alice. These should have been AW's promos for that week.
  13. 18 years ago today, NBC announced that it had cancelled Another World. ????
  14. Gabet did the best with the material she was given. The writers clearly did not know what to do with the character of Brittany and the storyline changed course many times. She went from a deaf mute to a troublemaking vixen in a matter of months. Also, it did not help that several weeks into Gabet's run, the popular Mary Page Keller (Sally) left AW and was replaced with Taylor Miller, who I thought was a terrible Sally. So, Gabet was stuck in a triangle with Brittany / Catlin / Sally with an unpopular recast. I did enjoy when Brittany shot Peter and went on trial for attempted murder. This was her last storyline before Gabet left AW.
  15. Born March 16, 1922, today is the 95th birthday of Harding Lemay. Whether you loved or hated his work on AW, he is probably one of the last, if not the last, of the behind the scenes staff members that is still living from the Golden Age of Soaps. Happy Birthday, Mr. Lemay! ???