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  1. Born March 16, 1922, today is the 95th birthday of Harding Lemay. Whether you loved or hated his work on AW, he is probably one of the last, if not the last, of the behind the scenes staff members that is still living from the Golden Age of Soaps. Happy Birthday, Mr. Lemay! ???
  2. By 1996, the You Take Me Away to Another World credits were beginning to look dated. This opening did not bother me, even though the opening was clearly an ER copycat right down to the er / aw. The spinning gyroscope was a modern take on AW's interlocking rings from openings past. The thing I did not like about this opening was as the cast was dismantled, the shots used to replace the departed actors never matched the look of the original 96 opening. By the time AW went off the air, this opening was reduced to approximately 15 seconds. ?
  3. I'd also add Constance Ford (Ada) and Nancy Frangione (Cecile) to the list of overlooked AW performers. These two should have won a supporting actress Emmy, but they were never nominated.
  4. Another World closing credits from July 8, 1982- including Alma and Cecile plotting against Blaine and Alice/Steve/Rachel drama
  5. These credits have to be early in the change of executive producers in Spring, 1983. Paul Rauch had begun as AW executive producer in December, 1971. He is gone by these April 6th credits and replaced by Allen M. Potter who was transferred to AW from Guiding Light. Potter, who was AW's original producer in 1964, would stay with AW from Spring, 1983 until the end of 1984. I always enjoyed Potter's AW in 1983-84 and wished he had stayed longer instead of retiring. He managed to quickly clean up the mess he inherited from Rauch and ex- headwriter Corinne Jacker, and made AW watchable and entertaining again.
  6. Where there is smoke there is fire with NBC. Remember in 1999, when they pitted Another World and Sunset Beach fans against each other as to which one would be cancelled to make room for Passions. Even though AW was higher rated than SB, AW had to go first. They did not want to keep AW because NBC knew that it would have higher ratings than Passions if it had been given a six-month renewal instead of SB. After those six months were over, they cancelled SB too. NBC's intention all along was to cancel both shows.
  7. Tonight, it was announced that Megan Kelly is leaving FOX for NBC. In the article it states that Kelly will host a daytime news program and a Sunday evening news program. The Deadline article states that the daytime program time is TBA and mentions that it could be a replacement for an hour of Today, Access Hollywood Live, or DAYS? We will have to stay tuned to NBC's decision. http://deadline.com/2017/01/megyn-kelly-leaving-fox-news-joins-nbc-report-1201877902/
  8. I agree about Cecile. My biggest problem with her return in 1995 was when the writers chose to rewrite history and try to say that Cass was Maggie's father. Cass was not even on the show when Cecile played both Jamie and Sandy into thinking they were Maggie's father. Cecile could have been a real asset to the show in those final years. The Bobby/Shane story was a mess. A terrible, convoluted mess of a story. Ryan should have never died. I could have bought a Jake/ Vicky/ Ryan story.
  9. Here are what I feel are AW's 10 most dubious casting decisions: 1. Sandy and Blaine Cory move to California with children Maggie and Alex in 1985. While we would see a teen age Maggie in the 90s and a recasted Sandy for a handful of episodes, Blaine and Alex would never return to the show. 2. Jacqueline Courtney's Alice should have never left in 1985. Again, she should have been showcased in a Rachel / Mac / Alice triangle. It would have been great to see Alice scheme against an amnesiac Rachel. Would have been great karma for Rachel. It could have also provided great material for Ada and Liz as they chose sides. 3. The killing of Sally Frame in a car accident in 1986 made no sense. She was both a Matthews and Frame, in addition, she was a "surrogate child" to Mac and Rachel. She could have driven years of story. Her son, Kevin, could have been aged as well. Had the character of Sally lived, I suspect at some point the show could have lured Mary Page Keller back to the role. While she starred in a few short lived prime time series, she could have been an asset to AW in the 90s. 4. The dismissal of Irene Dailey's Liz Matthews in 1986. She was off of AW for approximately 18 months. When she returned in late 1987, she was on recurring status. I'm not sure why she wasn't put on recurring status in 1986 instead of being written off the show. 5. Cass and Kathleen left the show in late 1986- and a Cass look-alike returned in mid-1987 with Kathleen having died in a plane crash. The fallout from the Cass look-alike lasted briefly, and Kathleen would turn up alive years later in the witness protection program. 6. The recast of Donna Love with Philece Sampler in 1987 was terrible. She was all wrong for the part. No doubt that NBC selected Sampler because of her popularity on DAYS. It was a relief when Anna Stuart returned to the show. 7. Jane Cameron's Nancy was written off in 1987. She returned briefly in 1989 for the 25th Anniversary and in 1993 for Ada's funeral. At some point, the character should have returned to the show full time. The show created the character of Paulina. They could have brought back Nancy instead of even creating Paulina. Nancy always flirted with Jake , and she was always an ally of Marley and enemy of Vicky. Cali Timmons/ Judi Evans could have easily have been a recasted Nancy- a character who was Ada's daughter and Rachel's sister. 8. Nancy Frangione's Cecile returned for short visits in 1986, 1989, and 1993. In October, 1995, it looked like Frangione was willing to return to the show on a permanent basis. She was written out in 1996 with little fanfare. The show used her as a recurring character and wasted a great opportunity to have a villain on the show. 9. The characters of Jamie Frame and Iris Wheeler were written out of the show in the mid-90s. Both characters were seldom mentioned and could have been used effectively in the show's latter years. 10. The character of Ryan Harrison died on-screen, only to return the next year as a ghost. The show should have had the character of Ryan fall from the train trestle with Justine, rather than shooting him in the back by Grant. Clearly, Paul Michael Valley was willing to return to the show. Ryan's body could have "disappeared" only to return alive rather than rely on the ghost storyline.
  10. Below is a great confrontation between Rachel and Alice that aired 4 days before the above posted episode on March 25th. Jacqueline Courtney would air for another month before leaving the show. The show was watchable at this point; however, Rachel would have amnesia well into the summer months! And she would leave Mac and move out of the Cory mansion to "find herself." The show blew a major opportunity to revisit the Rachel/ Mac/ Alice story, as Alice was engaged to marry Mac several years earlier. This also would have been an opportunity to showcase Courtney's Alice. Around this same time, Jake and Bridget were introduced to the show as two mysterious grifters who came to Bay City with an interest in the Love family. It would be revealed that Marley had a twin named Vicky. Carl's son, Perry, would discover Vicky's identity; however, he would die from a fall from the Love hayloft before telling anyone. The week after the posted episode aired, Catlin and Sally would marry. I think one of the main reasons the character of Brittany did not work was because the show would recast the character of Sally in 1985 with Taylor Miller. Had Mary Page Keller stayed in the role, the Sally/ Catlin/ Brittany story would have been more successful. AW would still remain enjoyable and watchable well into the Fall. This is when the show aired a location shoot in Arizona about a stolen Egyptian treasure that Carl Hutchins had hidden. The aftermath of the story was when the show fell apart. Carl filled an Egyptian urn with poisonous dust from an Egyptian tomb that passed around Bay City until both Mac and Rachel opened it up and became hospitalized. This was the big story at the start of 1986, prompting the overhaul in 1986. Below is a great Alice/Rachel confrontation from March 25, 1985: https://youtu.be/wH3ITLZ08EM TV Guide ads for Another World from 1985:
  11. Here is Allen Potter's obituary that appeared in Variety: SEPTEMBER 18, 1995 | 12:00AM PT Allen M. Potter, an Emmy-winning TV daytime serial producer, died in Stuart, Fla., June 5 of cancer. He was 75. As a young man, the Plainfield, N.J., native studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse under Martha Graham and Sanford Meisner, but soon found his niche as a director and eventually as a producer. During his 35-year career, Potter produced such TV shows as “Another World,” “As the World Turns,” “How to Survive a Marriage, “Brighter Day,” “The Aldridge Family” and “We the People.” He received three Emmy Awards as an executive producer, one for “The Doctors” and two for “The Guiding Light.” Potter also served in the Army during WWII and was decorated with a bronze star. He is survived by his wife, two sons, a daughter and sister.
  12. The Doctors was the only non- P & G soap that Potter produced. He was a producer on ATWT and its spin-off Our Private World. He was the original producer of AW and later returned in early 1983 to the end of 1984. In between, was his successful stint at GL from 1976-82 where the show won two Emmys. He retired from soaps at the end of 1984 at the age of 65. It would have been curious to see what he would have done with AW had he stayed there longer. He did manage to put the show back together and make it watchable after the end of Paul Rauch's run as EP with Corinne Jacker as headwriter.
  13. It certainly looks like Charles Keating as he looked when he arrived on AW in 1983.
  14. I'm not sure why P & G doesn't release past episodes on Hulu or Nextflix, like they started doing on AOL video for awhile. Also, P & G could sell their shows in a block to MeTV, Antenna TV, or Retro TV- I guarantee they would garner an audience on one of these channels- 12:30 SFT, 1:00 ATWT, 2:00 AW, 3:00 GL, 4:00 EON and air Texas as well. I just cannot figure out why they refuse to release these programs in some form or another.