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  1. The Leftovers!

    1. YRBB


      Are you watching the last season? I haven't started it yet, but looking forward to it.

  2. Why hasn't Lauren had much to say about Victor's treatment of Scotty?
  3. SuLu had personality & charisma which made Erica a believable model. CK? Not so much.
  4. +1. And even if he didn't know Reed and Victoria's connection, didn't Reed just have a performance at a local bar that recently went viral?
  5. The new characters aren't the problem. Because Y&R was in desperate need of younger actors/characters (especially women). It's that Y&R keeps twisting vets to make them happen. One thing Alden was really great at was using a characters history to believably integrate new characters onto the canvas. That's missing these days because SSM can barely tell a competent 'A' story (let alone a complex umbrella story). So new characters are on constantly one day then arbitrarily disappear for weeks with little to no influence on the plot. That's a problem. The vets have the same problem (except inverse). Many of them heavily influence the plot but aren't allowed a proper enough amount of airtime for their stories to be truly effective.
  6. Nope. It took the better part of a year for Mackenzie, Billy & Raul to become friends. During that time JT was an insignificant recurring character (he was only around for literally like 5 episodes total as a extremely recurring character) who only existed to continue Jill & Billy's issues. Brittany doesn't even become semi-part of the group until six months after the B/M/R trio are firmly established as friends (with Rianna only existing as JT's interchangeable girlfriend & Brittany's erstwhile confidant at that point). The five of them (Billy/Mackenzie/Raul/Brittany/Rianna) don't officially become the initial 'Glow By Jabot Gang' until the following summer (with JT remaining an extremely recurring occasional antagonist) which is when Brittany slowly becomes part of the core group (followed on an even smaller & more gradual scale) by Rianna six months later. It isn't until the second year of the Glow By Jabot Gang's existence that JT officially rounds out the core group (as part of one of Jill's schemes & because of his feelings for Mackenzie). The formation of the Glow By Jabot Gang was gradual and organic, unlike the 'add water and stir' Y&R teen sets that followed their wake.
  7. It's TOTALLY different. The Glow By Jabot group took TWO WHOLE YEARS to fully form. It wasn't some shrill afterthought insta-group that the writers threw together in six months like Reed's group.
  8. Mattie is WAY over the top and Charlie speaks like he's the villain in a breakdance film.
  9. Winnie & Nelson can go any time.
  10. Who discusses their Mom's sex life with their stepdad?
  11. It's because Ravi is being written as a 40 year old. He should be closer to Aziz Ansari than Kal Penn. Because Summer should've never existed & if she DOES have to exist she SHOULD be an Abbott.
  12. Exactly! Nikki & Sharon should be teaming up (like Katherine & Jill did against Nina) to keep Tessa in line. It would be much more refreshing to have Nikki play bad cop to Sharon's good cop around Tessa with them acknowledging they see right through her scams but are still genuinely willing to give her a shot at a better life because they understand how difficult it is to be poor. Yes! Or even if Y&R didn't have going to therapy, they could at least show her doing her school work and applying what she's learned in real life. Scott being her friend & tutor was fairly sweet and it gave Sharon a much needed platonic male friend (which she hasn't had in years). Unfortunately Y&R loves using Sharon to facilitate the plot (at her own expense) so her growth and their "friendship" was never gonna last. They biggest problem with Nicholas is that the writers had to change the character completely to justify Nick & Phyllis affair. Not just their marriage, but the affair period. Putting them together was one of Y&R's worst mistakes of the last 15 years. If Nick was ever going to cheat with anyone (especially in the aftermath of CASSIE'S death) it was ALWAYS gonna be Grace. The way N&S were warped to make that story happen was totally unforgivable.
  13. The last thing Ashley needs is another businessman. She & Ravi aren't bad. The problem is the writing isn't addressing three things about Ashley. WHO Ashley is now, WHY Ashley is the way she is now, and WHAT does Ashley currently want out of life. Instead Y&R keeps making Ashley unpleasantly irrational and Ravi a glorified Gary Stu which is why their story continues to fail.
  14. Exactly! Nikki & Sharon are both blue collar girls who have NEVER forgotten their roots (despite seriously wanting to at times). The fact that neither can spot Tessa running a con on their grandson/son is ridiculous. I have enjoyed post-Dylan Sharon a LOT but most of her character "growth" has been offscreen except when it's needed to give her new romance a "hook." Speaking of "hooks" Nicholas romances keep failing because the show keeps reducing him to a sex object. Nicholas was a once a richly complex character who had ambitions & dreams of his own (which JM played very well) but the writers are fine with sticking with their Giggly Heffa Nick retcon as long as JM's abs hold up. Nicholas & Sharon can still be sexy without being written as teenagers. The Victor/Nikki/Jack/Diane/Brad/Ashley sextet did it for DECADES. Gloria as a fashion designer would actually have been a good way to redeem her. Y&R should've had her create a budget line for middle class women of a certain age who are still vital (over Joanna's objections) which would've been the exact thing to revitalize Fenmore's sales. THAT would semi-redeem Gloria, would work in her rivalry with Joanna, allow her to grow closer to Lauren and would give Michael something genuinely lighter and fun to deal with for a change.
  15. Alden is pretty awesome at character work (her tenure is the best soap of the last 20 years) but she needs a strong co-headwriter to maintain consistent pacing.
  16. A big part of the reason Noah doesn't work is because Y&R refuses to let Nicholas & Sharon act their age. You can't be written as an adult if your parents are written as teenagers. A lot of the new characters have potential but a HUGE part of the problem is Y&R keeps writing their vets as if they're brand new characters. There's no intelligence or character consistency to the vets because it makes it easier to facilitate (the extremely cliche) plots.
  17. If the writing was halfway decent a Who Shot Hilary mystery (with the requisite Hevon reunion) would be great. Unfortunately this regime has shown they have no ability to tell a coherent umbrella story.
  18. Charlie & Reed should never share scenes again.
  19. Y&R is trying so hard to turn Lily into Drucilla and it's gonna be a SPECTACULAR failure.
  20. Lily's kids look old enough to be her parents.
  21. Frustrated Republicans try to rewrite Congress’ rules
  22. MSNBC beat CNN & Fox News in the ratings. Wow.
  23. For the Dina story to be done well it has to include Veronica Redd, Jess Walton & Beth Maitland. Y&R shouldn't even have attempted a story of that magnitude and reduce it to just Jack, Ashley & Abby (with a glorified cameo from Traci). That would be like telling a Fenmore's story without Joanna, Scotty and Fen. Oh wait....
  24. One thing Bill Bell excelled at was dysfunctional Mother & Child relationships.