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  1. That's why the ridiculous amount of time Democrats spend trying to "win" people over by pointing out Republican lapses of logic is a complete waste of time.
  2. I don't think that DK can't act. He's stiff (largely due to the severely wooden dialogue & pointless love square the character was immediately thrust in) but he isn't without charm. The problem is that Y&R hired him with the expectation that he be Shemar 2.0 but most of Shemar's appeal (other than his looks) was his charisma which you can't teach. There was no attempt at establishing the character prior to Y&R shoving him into GC Buzz debacle as the Malcolm to Devon's Neil. The character hasn't had anything to do other than act as a buffer for the two actresses of color (when he isn't stuck in some variation of awkward Quad From Hell scenes). It's only a matter of time before Y&R reverts back to its usual Lane Forever stance with Juliet going full blown psycho and with the SORAS'ing of the twins I wouldn't be surprised to see Juliet seduce Charlie and get pregnant.
  3. The same reason Y&R never tested Jordan with any of its white actresses. Once Y&R pairs Mariah with Scott & reunites Hevon, it will throw DK into an underwritten interracial relationship with a directionless white female character that goes nowhere & gets no airtime then he will be fired (just like RW/Tyler).
  4. It really wasn't a war. It was (and still is) N&P fans harassing everyone (Shick fans in particular) who aren't impressed with their ship.
  5. Democrats are gonna continue to have problems as long as they continue to act like Republicans (centering whiteness).
  6. The thing is you can. Trump is proof of that. The problem is that those who only seek to maintain their position in the current system want desperately to evade accountability.
  7. Don't forget Nick & Phyllis fans who are still trying to keep Sage's memory alive in between harassing Sharon Case.
  8. There's not a lot of daylight between white conservatives and white liberals.
  9. Barbara jumping through the window will never not be funny.
  10. +1. Single Sharon has been really refreshing & it would be nice for her to have a platonic male friend to confide in (which she hasn't really had since Tony). But soaps of this era don't do male/female friendships (unless they eventually end with the characters sleeping together) which is a shame because Sharon (and Nick) both need a LONG break from relationships.
  11. Sharon & Scott are terrible. The actor has more chemistry with GT but Y&R wants to make Lauren upset about EVIL Sharon as if Phyllis being with her son is a better option.
  12. Yep. When you place Devon against ANY of his characters peers (male or female) from Y&R the difference is even more stark. Which proves you can LITERALLY be, and do, ANYTHING, in Daytime as long as a lack of melanin is involved.
  13. Could you imagine their reaction if Kevin looked like Ravi or Jordan? It's not like time would make the difference. The majority of SSM's new characters have been around for close to six months & they're almost all failures.
  14. Jack was in his 30's in the early 80's so it's not like he would be a spring chicken either way.
  15. True, but it's especially irritating now because Y&R is trying to turn her into a full blown heroine. Every so often Y&R likes to act as if Nick has a life (besides tending bar) but it doesn't work because there is nothing to Nick (as a character) anymore. He has no goals, no ambitions, nothing. That's why the show keeps placing him in relationships (and why those relationships keep failing). Not really. It's a random case that any other spy/reporter/agent could do & it makes Cricket look really stupid for pressuring Scotty seeing as the last mission he went on for the govt got him captured until he was rescued by a private citizen. But as usual instead of focusing on family bonding Y&R is placing plot above character again. Chipmunk was never formally charged but that doesn't make it any less disgusting. This could be said of every character on the show right now.
  16. Because B&B wanted the press not the drama.
  17. Nick is so useless. There are more than a half dozen Newmans in GC at any given moment yet he leaves his toddler son with a virtual stranger? Ashley not immediately warning Abby that Victor is clearly using her after she learns the details of his absence from Aunt Jack? Whatever. Ravi & Phyllis are straight out of a Molly Ringwald film. Ruining the one bio relationship Cricket has left on the show for a ridiculous spy story? Kevin being the parent of a young child (especially a young girl)? INCREDIBLY OFFENSIVE.
  18. Colleen Dion was great but Lesli Kay is/was an awesome recast. It's a shame B&B takes her (and Felicia) for granted.
  19. Who is Phyllis (of all people) to pass judgement on Chloe?
  20. 2004 Y&R was horrible & 2005 was even worse. Y&R's last classic year was 2003 (the second half of which was incredibly dark & portended nearly everything that has happened on the show over the last 15 years)
  21. Traci was well over Brad by the time Ashley married him. It wasn't until she & Steve began having marital problems that her relationship with Brad became complicated again which was (in large part) due to their parenting Colleen than it was revisiting their past. Traci & Colleen's arrival brought up intensely complicated feelings for Brad. Not only fond feelings for his past with Traci but fresh new parental urges for Colleen (largely due to his adopting Abby) who he had never felt truly comfortable stepping away from. So when a distressed Traci returned to Genoa City with a petulant Colleen in tow Brad bent over backwards to accommodate them which left new mom Ashley decidedly unhappy. Brad & Ashley had a complicated history. They had serious feelings for each other & that drove a LOT of the drama during Brad & Traci's second (arguably their first too) marriage. Ashley's dysfunctional marriage to Victor didn't help because Brad was almost always the person Ashley would confide in when Victor did something terrible (which happened frequently). Brad was ready to marry Ashley but all the obstacles (Victor, Cassandra, Jack, Traci, John, Jill, Victoria, Steve, Nikki, Colleen & Paul) imploded in a fairly short amount of time which kept it from happening. So by the time the dust settled a frustrated Ashley moved on to someone new (Blade) & Brad fell back into a relationship with another old flame (Lauren) who found herself in a similar situation.
  22. She was fun but not in a free spirited Dru or an insane Phyllis sort of way. Eileen's fun was cool and sexy but youthful especially compared to her siblings mustache twirling Jack and super neurotic Traci. The marriage wasn't really one of convenience (Ashley already had an alibi for Abby's paternity worked out) but two old friends falling back in love with each other. And the marriage itself wasn't a betrayal to Traci. In fact (if anything) it was the other way around. Traci's reappearance (with Colleen) was a huge blow to Ashley & her new marriage. That was a story I loved because it provided so much fantastic character based material for ALL the members of the Abbott family. Ash's marriage to Brad was a perfect example (when Y&R didn't have her pining over Victor) of an intelligent, sexy, fun, age appropriate pairing that grew into an important core relationship that helped buoy the show when it was in transition. It was a pairing (for an actress who was notoriously difficult when it came to romantic pairings) that allowed Eileen (as an actress) to shine in a way she hadn't since the initial N/V/A triangle ended 15 years before.
  23. ED's Ashley was an incredibly youthful & sexy character for years which essentially ended when Y&R threw her and Brad's relationship under the bus for Grambo & Nikki. Since then Ashley's been a humorless spinster in between underwritten relationships & chemistry free marriages. Instead of Y&R introducing Ravi as a majorly shy tech geek who needed a makeover, the show should've had him look & act more like Abhi (sexy & charismatic) in real life.and let the characters have fun by mixing age appropriate pursuits like attending foreign films & wine tastings with more youthful fare like participating in water balloon fights and having strip scrabble tournaments. That way ED wouldn't have to do all the heavy lifting emotionally and Abhi wouldn't be stuck in forced scenes with random dayplayers Ashley would NEVER give a second glance to under any other circumstances.
  24. Abhi and Eileen aren't without chemistry but instead of forcing them into awkward situations and having them act out scenes from a bad 80s teen film to make their pairing happen, Y&R should be focusing on what Ashley needs as a character (FUN) and letting THAT guide the story. If there were any stories that should be the guide for this one it would be Jill & Sean and Jill & Jill Min. In both pairings Jill allowed herself to open up as a mature sexual woman who was having fun as a refreshing change of pace WITHOUT acting like a glorified babysitter.
  25. +1. What this show is missing is FUN for the middle aged characters (especially the women) which is a place Kay Alden excelled. She revitalized almost every female character on the canvas. Sally gives her female characters outlines of stories with potential but then no meat. It's all window dressing to enhance the stories for the extremely stagnant male characters.