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All The Days of Our Lives


All the Days of Our Lives

Posted by Daniel , 20 June 2009 - - - - - - · 81 views

All the Days of Our Lives returns on Monday, with new episodes. It will be a little ahead of where it last left off, but there won't be any confusion.


Addition to Cast!

Posted by Daniel , 17 May 2009 - - - - - - · 52 views

Wanda Sykes has joined the cast in the recurring role as Yolanda DiMera's maid! She first airs Monday April 18!


Twoo Week Summary

Posted by Daniel , 17 May 2009 - - - - - - · 97 views

My internet has been down for a while, so I am posting a summary of the episodes that should have aired.

Belle got out of surgery, and survived. Her friends and family informed her that she will be going to a clinic in Switzerland, to get her better. Belle agreed, and got on a plane to Switzerland. Meanwhile, Kate learned that Philip isn't really Philip! Victor informed her that Philip never received a face transplant, but was in a coma in Switzerland. Victor told her that he did it, so that he would be able to win custody of Claire. Kate was upset with him, and demanded to go see him. Victor told her that he is starting to wake up, and is asking for Belle. They came up with a plan to take advantage of Belle, and bring her there.

Shane and Kim's wedding day arrived, and Shane was tying up loose ends with his investigation dealing with Stefano, EJ, Victor, Philip and John. Just as he was about to say "I do", a gunshot came through the church, and shot him in the back. He fell to the ground, and was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

After a visit to the DiMera mansion, EJ learned that Stefano and Carly got married. He mad it very clear to Stefano that he is through with him, and that he is disowning him. Stefano became very upset, and told him he will regret this! EJ left the mansion, and Stefano threw a picture of EJ and Johnny. Stefano vowed revenge, and Carly told him she is behind him.

Bo and Hope found out that Billie has been faking her pregnancy, but before they could do anything about it, Billie went on the run! They decided not to goo look for her since they have more pressing matters at home. Meanwhile, Ciara began to rebuild her relationship with her parents, but is still deciding to live with Doug and Julie.

After Austin's look-alike crashed Brady and Carrie's wedding, Brady has been confused over Carrie's feelings. But she assured him that she love him. Meanwhile, the DNA came back, revealing that Mark and Kate are a match, thanks to Yolanda. Kate made it clear to him that she is going to try her best to be a mother to him. As time went on, everyone learned that he is a lot like Austin. Although she doesn't want to admit it, Carrie sees a lot of Austin in Mark.

Nicole realized that Scotty is working with Stefano, but decided to keep her mouth shut about it- for now. Not knowing what to do, she turned to Rebecca for help, and Rebecca told her she needs to get away form Scotty now! Nicole disagreed, but then found Scotty on the pier with Stefano, and she finally realized what she had to do. She confronted Scotty, and told him she is leaving him. She packed her bags, and landed on Yolanda's doorstep! Yolanda let her in, and let her live with her.

Meanwhile, Yolanda decided to get help for her brain tumor, but the doctor told her it was too late. She was told she only has about 1 year left. She decided she has to speed up her plans for Stefano.

Marleana went on a date with Harold, who is working with Yolanda. He tried to spike Marleana's drink, but she dropped it before she drank it. Yolanda told him she is tired of his stupid excuses, and told him that if he can't do it, she will get somebody else! Harold told her he will do it. Harold followed her home, and held a gun to her, forcing her to let him in. Once inside, he tied her up.


Tuesday May 5 2009

Posted by Daniel , 05 May 2009 - - - - - - · 57 views

All the Days of Our Lives

Hope, Marleana and Sami are in the bridal room of St. Lukeís.

Sami: Well, that was unexpected.

Marleana: Imagine whatís going through Carrieís head.

Hope: And Kateís.

Marleana looks at her phone, and sees that she has a bunch of missed calls from the hospital.

Marleana: Oh my God.

Sami looks at her phone, and sees the same thing too.

Sami: I have so many missed calls from the hospital.

Marleana: Me too.

Marleanaís phone rings. She answers it.

Marleana: Hello?

John: Marleana, Belle was in an accident! Sheís in the hospital.

Marleana: Oh my God! Iíll be right there!

Hope: What is it?

Marleana: Belle was in an accident!

Carly is sitting in the living room of the DiMera mansion. Stefano walks in.

Carly: I heard about your latest scheme.

Stefano: What the hell are you talking about?

Carly: Carrieís dead husband, showing up at their wedding?

Stefano: What? Austinís alive!

Carly: Ok, pretend you donít know.

Stefano: I really have no idea what youíre talking about.

Carly: A man showed up at Carrie and Bradyís wedding, who looks just like Austin. Apparently heís saying that heís his twin brother, and they were separated at birth.

Stefano: I have absolutely nothing to do with this.

Jack and Jennifer walk into their living room, and see JJ sitting on the couch.

JJ: Hey, I thought you guys were going to Carrie and Bradyís wedding.

Jennifer: We did; the reception was cancelled.

JJ: They didnít get married?
Jack: They did, and then someone showed up right after the wedding.

JJ: Who?

Jennifer: Someone who looks just like Austin Reed.

JJ: Wow, thatís weird.

Jennifer: Imagine how Carrie feels.

Jack: And Brady.

Shawn, Marleana, Bo, Hope and Eric get out of the elevator at the hospital. They see John, and they go to him.

Marleana: John, what happened?

John: She was hit by a truck.

Marleana: Oh my God! Is she alright?

John: She needed surgery. I told them they can go ahead with it.

Marleana: Thank you.

Mike comes.

Marleana: Mike, is she ok?

Mike: It doesnít look good.

Marleana: Whatís wrong?

Mike: The baby didnít make it.

Shawn: Baby?

Mike: Belle didnít tell you?

Marleana: She was pregnant?

Mike: Iím sorry; I shouldnít have been the one to tell you that.

Tears form in all of their eyes.

Marleana: Is Belle ok?

Mike: Belle is going to be ok, but thereís some bad news.

Carrie and Brady walk into their apartment.

Brady: Well, this isnít how I expected our wedding night.

Carrie: That makes two of us.

He hugs her.

Brady: Seeing Mark must have brought up some old emotions.

Carrie: It did.

Bradyís phone rings. He answers it.

Brady: Hello?

Bo: Brady! Where were you?

Brady: My phone wasnít on. Whatís wrong?

Bo: You need to get to the hospital; Belle was in an accident.

Brady: Weíll be right there!

Carrie: Whatís wrong?

Brady: Belle was in an accident.

Carrie: Oh my God! Is she ok?

Brady: I donít know.

They leave the apartment.

Stefano is in the kitchen of the DiMera mansion. He starts seeing blurry, and holds his heart. Carly comes in the room.

Carly: Are you ok?

Stefano starts to look better.

Stefano: Iím fine, just a bit light headed.

Carly: Are you sure? You donít look too good.

Stefano: Yes, Iím fine. Iím hungry though.

Carly: Go into the living room, Iíll have the cook make something.

He goes into the living room. Tony walks into the living room.

Stefano: Oh Lord.

Tony: I heard about your latest plot, father.

Stefano: Iím so sick of having to explain myself every time something happens in this town! I have nothing to do with Austin Reed!

Tony laughs.

Tony: Of course you donít.

Stefano: Donít you have something to do, Antony?

Tony: Not today, actually. Just know that they are running DNA tests, in two different locations.

Stefano: Good for them! I donít care! I have nothing to do with Austin Reed, or his twin!

Shawn, Marleana, and John are talking to Mike.

Mike: Because of the miscarriage, Belle will no longer be able to conceive children.

Marleana starts crying.

Mike: Fertility options are available, but they donít look good.

Yolanda is on the pier. Mark comes beside her.

Yolanda: Good job today.

Mark: What are you going to do about the DNA tests?

Yolanda: Donít worry about that. Now, get to the hospital. Carrie will be there.

Mark leaves. Her cell phone rings. She answers it.

Yolanda: Hello?

Man: The crash was done; Iím getting out of the country as we speak.

Yolanda: Good job.

She hangs up.

Yolanda: Iím going to destroy your children, John. Then Iím going to destroy you.

She turns around, and sees Harold.

Yolanda: Why, hello.

Harold: I have an idea for Marleana.

Yolanda: You leave the ideas to me; you just do what I tell you.

Harold leaves.

Harold: I already got what I wanted from you, Yolanda. I donít need you anymore.

She goes closer to him.

Yolanda: You better be careful with how you talk with me, because I will ruin you.

She leaves, and he laughs.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Shane hands a bunch of files to a man.

Shane: Iím done with this investigation.

Marleana and Belle are in her hospital room.

Belle: Iím going away, mom. I need help.

Marleana: I know; you leave next week.

Victor and Kate are in the Kirikas mansion.

Victor: I did what was best for my son!

Kate: No! You did what was best for yourself!


Monday May 4 2009

Posted by Daniel , 04 May 2009 - - - - - - · 62 views

All the Days of Our Lives

Brady, Carrie, Father Matt, Sami, Stephanie, Shawn, and Philip are at the altar of the church.

Father Matt: Brady, you may now kiss your bride.

Brady leans in to kiss her, as the church doors open. Everybody looks back, and gasps go through the crowd. Everyone looks shocked. Austin Reed is standing at the front of the church.

Carrie: What? Whatís-

She almost faints, and Brady holds her.

Kate: Austin?

Victor: What on earth is going on?

Yolanda smiles.

Belle is rushed into the hospital on a stretcher. Mike goes to her.

Mike: What happened?

Paramedic: Head-on collision with a pick-up truck.

Mike: Get her into a room!

He runs to the nurseís station, and dials Marleanaís number. There is no answer. He dials Johnís. There is no answer.

Valerie is in the living room of Yolandaís mansion. Dora walks in.

Valerie: Dora! What the hell were you doing in Italy?

Dora: Itís about my mom. She needs help.

Valerie: Whatís wrong?
Dora: She has a brain tumor, and itís getting worse and worse! She is refusing treatment, and it will kill her if she doesnít act now!

Valerie: Oh my God! Why hasnít she done anything about it?

Dora: I have no idea. Where is she?

Valerie: Sheís at Brady and Carrieís wedding.

Dora: Why the hell is she there?

Valerie: She went as Victor Kirikasí date.

Brady, Carrie, Sami, Kate, Victor, Yolanda, Philip, Anna, Bo, Hope, Billie, and Austin are now the only ones in the church.

Kate: Austin, is it really you?

Austin: Iím not Austin.

Carrie: What? Who the hell are you then?

Austin: Iím Mark. Iím here, looking for Kate Roberts.

Brady: Why are you looking for her?

Austin: Sheís my mother.

Kate looks shocked, and confused.

Nicole and Rebecca are standing outside the church.

Nicole: Wow, I canít believe it.

Rebecca: Thatís Carrieís dead husband?

Nicole: Ya, Austin.

Rebecca: Thatís crazy. Hey, hold on!

Nicole: What?

Rebecca: Now that Carrieís husband is alive, where does this leave Brady and Carrie?

Nicole: Well, I donít know, Iím not there, now am I?

Rebecca smiles.

Rebecca: This might be the good news I was waiting for.

Inside the church, Kate looks shocked.

Kate: Iím your mother? How can that be?

Mark: Iím Austinís twin?

Kate: What! No! Thatís impossible! Austin was not a twin!

Mark: The doctor didnít know you were carrying twins until very late in the pregnancy, and he didnít tell you.

Kate: What are you talking about? Why on earth wouldnít he tell me?

Mark: He needed a baby for another couple, and it turned out that I was a perfect match.

Kate: This is crazy!

Yolanda turns to Victor.

Yolanda: Victor, if you want me to leave-

Victor: No, itís fine.

He speaks up.

Victor: How do we know your telling the truth?

Mark: Why else would I look just like Austin?

Victor: Stefano DiMera!

Mike is in the hospital, talking with another doctor.

Mike: I canít get a hold of anybody, but we need to start surgery!

Doctor: We need consent!

Mike: This is what the family would want! We cannot wait any longer, or else she will die!

Doctor: What on earth could they be doing?

Mike: Their at a wedding.

Doctor: Well, we need one of them here!

Mike: We need to do surgery now!

Doctor: Iíll give it a little while longer, and if nobody responds, then weíll go through with it.

Rebecca and Nicole are outside the church.

Nicole: Ok, so letís say, that this is Austin, and Carrie leaves Brady to be with him. What the hell makes you think that Brady would run into your arms?

Rebecca: What is your problem, Nicole?

Nicole: Iím trying to keep you from making the same mistake I did! If Brady was in love with you, he would not marry Carrie!

Rebecca: You donít understand, Nicole.

Nicole: Trust me, I understand! And youíre just setting yourself up for disaster!

Inside the church, Victor moves closer to everybody.

Victor: Stefano has put you all through this so many times!

Mark: I donít know who this Stefano guy is, and I have no idea what youíre talking about.

Victor: Of course you donít.

Carrie: Ok, everybody just calm down! If you really are Kateís son, then why are you here?

Mark: I have a rare blood disorder that requires a blood transfusion from my biological mother.

Kate: He probably has my rare blood type.

Victor: I canít believe you all are buying into this!

Brady: I agree with granddad. If you are really Kateís son, then have a DNA test done.

Carrie: I agree with Brady.

Brady: Come on, Carrie; letís go.

Brady and Carrie leave, and Carrie looks at Mark as they are leaving.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Shane opens up a letter. It says: ďI know who you are, and Iím not going to let you destroy meĒ

John, Marleana, and Shawn are in the hospital, with Mike.

Mike: It doesnít look good.


Casting News

Posted by Daniel , 03 May 2009 - - - - - - · 50 views

Austin Peck Returns!

Austin Peck returned to All the Days of Our Lives on Friday, when his character interrupted Brady and Carrie's wedding! But he is not returning as Austin, but a character connected to Austin! He has a 1 year contract!


Friday May 1 2009

Posted by Daniel , 01 May 2009 - - - - - - · 64 views

All the Days of Our Lives

Shawn Sr. and Carrie are in the vestibule of St. Lukeís.

Shawn: Are you ready?

Carrie: Yes.

She kisses him on the cheek. She puts her arm around his, and the music comes on. Everyone gets up. They start walking down the aisle.

Brady: She is so beautiful.

They get to the altar, and Shawn kisses Carrie on the cheek. Carrie and Brady join hands.

Father Matt: We are gathered here today to join this lovely couple in holy matrimony.

Brady and Carrie smile at each other.

Stefano is in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Stefano: Stupid ingrates.

Carly walks into the living room.

Carly: Whatís wrong?

Stefano: It doesnít matter. I am going to destroy Elvis!

Carly: What did he do?

Stefano: He doesnít want any part of this family, he doesnít want to be a DiMera, then I will ruin him!

Belle is in her and Shawnís apartment. She is ready for the wedding.

Belle: I canít miss it.

She leaves the apartment, and goes to the parking lot. She gets in her car, and starts driving.

Father Matt, Brady, and Carrie are at the altar.

Father Matt: At this time I ask that if anyone has any reason why these two shouldnít be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Brady looks at Rebecca. Nicole looks at Rebecca, and she doesnít say anything.

Father Matt: Ok, at this time I ask the bride and groom to exchange any vows they may have written. Brady, you first?

Brady: Ok.

He smiles.

Brady: Carrie, words canít express how much I love you. For a long time I felt like something was missing from my life, and when I fell in love with you I never got that feeling again. You are the one and only person that I have loved, and will ever love.

Rebecca rolls her eyes. Carrie wipes her tears.

Father Matt: Carrie, is there anything that you would like to say?

Carrie: Yes.

She smiles at Brady.

Stefano is on the pier, on his phone.

Stefano: I donít care, doctor. I want to know the results of my sisterís test.

He pauses.

Stefano: Do you not realize who I am! Give me the results! And donít give me that medical crap! I want it in English!

Doctor: Your sister has a tumor. She has left it untreated for too long, and if she continues like this, it is more than likely that she will die from it.

Stefano: How much time would you give her?

The phone starts cutting out.

Stefano: Hello! Hello! Damn it!

He hangs up.

Belle is driving in her car. She flashes back to having sex with Philip.

Belle: I need Philip.

She starts to get dizzy, and holds her head.

Belle: I canít miss the wedding!

She speeds up. A truck starts honking, and she yells! She looses control of the car, and crashes into the truck.

Carrie begins to say her vows in St. Lukeís.

Carrie: Brady, you helped me through so much when I lost Austin, and when I lost my father. And through it all, I fell in love with a loving, caring, sensitive, gentle man. Brady, I canít even imagine how my life would be if I didnít have you. You have shown me such a strong love that I thought I would never feel again. I love you so much, Brady.

Father Matt: Do you Carrie; take Brady to be your husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, till death do your part?

Carrie: I do.

Father Matt. Do you Brady; take Carrie to be your wife to have and to hold, from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, till death do your part?

Rebecca coughs, and Brady looks at her.

Stefano knocks on the door of Yolandaís mansion. Valerie answers it.

Stefano: I still canít believe your living here.

Valerie: Iím helping her settle in. My God!

He looks at her stomach.

Stefano: Youíre getting bigger every day.

Valerie: I know, itís a little surreal, to have someone growing inside of you.

Stefano: And it gets even more surreal when you blink your eyes, and their all grown up.

Valerie: Wow, did we actually have a normal conversation?

Stefano: I think we did.

Valerie: Are you looking for Yolanda?

Stefano: Yes, itís important.

Valerie: Well, sheís at a wedding today.

Stefano: Brady and Carrieís?

Valerie: Yes, she went with Victor.

Stefano: I see. Why didnít you go with Eric, not that Iím supporting the relationship.

Valerie: I wasnít feeling that good.

Stefano: Oh, are you ok?

Valerie: Ya, ya, Iím fine.

Belle is rushed into the ER of University hospital on a stretcher. Mike goes to her.

Mike: What happened?

Paramedic: Head-on collision with a pickup truck.

Mike: Get her into a room!

He goes to the nurseís station, and dials Marleanaís number.

Marleanaís cell phone vibrates in the brideís room of St. Lukeís.

In the church, Brady and Carrie are standing at the altar, with Father Matt.

Brady: I do.

Father Matt: By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Those who God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Brady you may now kiss your bride.

They smile, and Brady is about to kiss her. The church doors open, and everybody looks back. They all gasp in shock. Brady and Carrie look.

Carrie: What?

Yolanda smiles. Austin Reed is standing at the front of the church.

Carrie almost faints, and Brady holds her.

Kate: Austin?

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Brady, Carrie, Kate, Victor, Yolanda, Sami, and all the rest of the guests are standing in the church, with Austin.

Austin: I am not Austin.

Mike is in the hospital, talking with another doctor.

Mike: I canít get a hold of anybody, but we need to start surgery!


Thursday April 30 2009

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All the Days of Our Lives

Anna is in the bridal room of St. Lukeís. Carrie comes with her wedding dress on.

Anna: Oh my God. Honey, you look great!

Carrie: Are you sure, mom?

Anna: Of course! You are so beautiful!

Carrie: Iím a little nervous, so it might be a little hard for you not to get irritated with me today.

Anna: Oh, relax! You are marrying the man of your dreams.

Carrie: I just wish dad was here.

Anna: I know, sweetie.

Anna hugs her.

Anna: Heís watching you, just like Austin is.

Carrie: Iím so happy that I have you, mom.

Brady is in the groomís room with John.

John: Brady, I am so happy for you today.

Brady: I wish mom was here with us today.

John: So do I.

John hugs him.

John: She is watching you from heaven, with a smile on her face.

Brady: Thanks, dad. And Iím sorry about what I told you yesterday about Marleana. I had no right to.

John: Its ok, Brady. I understand where youíre coming from.

Brady: But I just have to ask something.

John: What?

Brady: If youíre worried about Marleanaís safety, then why are you seeing Kate?

Jennifer is in the living room of her house.

Jennifer: Jack, hurry up! We need to be on time for the wedding!

Jack: Iíll be right down!

Jack comes down, and Jennifer gets up from the couch. She holds her stomach.

Jennifer: I think our kid is going to be a soccer player.

Jack laughs.

Jack: Let me feel.

He puts his hand on Jenniferís stomach.

Jack: Wow, I think somebody is excited for the wedding.

Jennifer laughs.

Rebecca and Nicole are outside St. Lukeís.

Rebecca: Why did you come, Nicole? Victor is going to throw you out.

Nicole: No he wonít. Why are you here?

Rebecca: I came to see Brady. I have to ask him something.

Nicole: Itís that important that you have to ask him on his wedding day?

Rebecca: Itíll just take a minute, Nicole!

Nicole: Ok then. Iím going inside.

Rebecca: Iíll be in soon. I have to make a phone call.

Nicole goes inside the church.

Sami is in the vestibule of St. Lukeís. She sees Nicole walking in.

Sami: What the hell are you doing here?

Nicole: I heard there was a wedding today.

Sami: Get the hell out.

Nicole: I am friends with Brady and Carrie, Sami. I have every right to be here.

EJ walks into the church.

Sami: Nicole, I am so close to beating you with a cross!

EJ: Play nice, Samantha.

Nicole: What the hell are you doing with this nut job?

Sami: EJ, hold me back before I kill her!

Nicole: Iím going to go say a prayer.

Nicole goes into the church.

Sami: Why the hell is she here!

EJ: Samantha, we need to discuss something.

Sami: Whatís wrong?

EJ: My father might come after us.

Sami: What? What the hell are you saying?

EJ: Samantha, Iím saying that you need to be careful.

Sami: EJ, what did you do?

Jack and Jennifer are in the car, driving to the church.

Jack: So, what do you say we go have breakfast tomorrow?

Jennifer: I have an appointment tomorrow, but what about lunch?

Jack: That sounds good. Chez Rouge?

Jennifer: Sure.

Jack parks in the parking lot of St. Lukeís.

Jack: You ready?

Jennifer laughs.

Jennifer: Itís not like Iím getting married today.

They get out of the car, and Jennifer gets a little dizzy.

Jack: Are you ok?

Jennifer: Ya, Iím fine. I just got a weird feeling.

Brady and John are in the groomís room.

John: Brady, I really donít want to talk about this right now.

Brady: All Iím saying, dad, is that Marleana is the love of your life, and keeping yourself away from her really isnít doing any good, even though you think it is.

John: Today, just focus on your wedding, and your beautiful bride, who I have to go see.

John leaves the room. Brady leaves, and goes outside the church from the back. He goes to the cemetery, and goes to Isabellaís grave.

Brady: Mom, I wish you were here.

Sami and EJ are in the vestibule of the church.

EJ: I told my father that if he married Carly, then I will disown him.

Sami: What did he say?

EJ: He made it clear that he will destroy anything and everything that I care about.

Sami: Oh my God. EJ, I canít do this right now. I have to help my sister.

She goes around a corner, and rests her back against the wall.

Sami: What am I going to do?

Brady goes around, to the front of the church, and sees Rebecca.

Brady: What are you doing here?

Rebecca: I just wanted to see if you can go through with it, while still being in love with me.

She moves closer to him, and he doesnít say anything. She kisses him. She stops it.

Rebecca: You didnít stop me, Brady.

Brady: This is over, Rebecca. Iím marrying Carrie. I love her.

He goes back inside the church.

All the guests are in the church. Brady, Philip, and Shawn are at the altar. Ciara comes down the altar with Johnny and Alexis. Sami comes down the aisle, followed by Stephanie. Victor and Yolanda are sitting beside each other.

Yolanda: Everybody is so beautiful.

Victor: Wait until you see Carrie.

Carrie and Shawn Sr. are in the vestibule.

Carrie: Grandpa, thank you so much for walking me down the aisle.

Shawn: It is my pleasure, my darling girl.

He kisses her on the cheek.

Shawn: Are you ready?

Carrie: Yes.

She puts his arm around his, and the music starts to come on, as everybody gets up.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Father Matt, Brady, Carrie, Shawn, Philip, Sami and Stephanie are at the altar of the church.

Father Matt.: Do you Brady take Carrie to be your lofly wedded wife?

Brady sees Rebecca in the pews.

Belle is driving in her car.

Belle: I canít miss the wedding.

She speeds up, yells.


Wednesday April 23 2008

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All the Days of Our Lives

Carrie is in the bridal room of St. Lukeís church. She looks at a picture of Austin, and puts it to her heart. Sami comes in. Sami: You almost ready?

Carrie: Oh, God, no.

She wipes a tear.

Sami: Are you ok?

Carrie: I was just thinking about Austin.

Sami hugs her.

Sami: Heís watching over you, Carrie.

Carrie: Is this the right thing to do? Is this the way I should be honoring his memory? By marrying someone else?

Sami: Carrie, he wouldnít want you to mourn him for the rest of your life. Just because youíre marrying Brady, it doesnít mean that you are forgetting Austin; your just going on with your life.

Carrie hugs her.

Carrie: Thank you so much, Sami.

Stefano is in the living room of his mansion. He is reading the paper, and sees Brady and Carrieís wedding announcement. He chuckles.

Stefano: Oh, Brady, you think you can keep secrets from your new wife.

EJ walks into the living room.

EJ: I got your message; what do you want?

Stefano: We have to talk about something.

EJ: I have a wedding to attend, so make it quick.

Stefano: Youíll have another wedding to attend; my wedding to Carly.

Steve and Kayla are in the airport in Salem.

Kayla: Steve, we need to find our bags! Were going to be late for the wedding!

Steve: We wonít be late, sweetness.

Kayla: Ok, you find the luggages, and Iíll get a cab.

Steve: That sounds like a plan.

Yolanda is in the cemetery at St. Lukeís church. She looks at Benjiís tombstone.

Yolanda: What a tragedy

Victor comes behind her.

Victor: I was wondering where you went.

He looks at the tombstone.

Victor: Iím sorry about your nephew.

Yolanda: Thank you. Didnít you say you were going to see the bride?

Victor: Yes, but if you-

Yolanda: No, go see her. Wish her luck.

Victor: Ok, Iíll be back.

He leaves.

Yolanda: Thereís not enough luck in the world for her.

Anna, Marleana, Sami, Hope, Kimberly, Carrie and Caroline are in the bridal room of St. Lukeís.

Carrie: When is Belle going to come?

Marleana: Oh, Iím so sorry, I forgot to tell you. Sheís not feeling too good today, and she canít make it.

Carrie: Is she ok?

Marleana: She thinks it might be the flu.

Carrie: Oh, I hope she feels better. Oh, what time is it? I need to get ready!

Kimberly: Not so fast, Carrie.

Anna: We all have some gifts for you, sweetie.

Carrie: Oh, I like the sound of that.

Caroline: We just have to wait till your Aunt Kayla gets here.

The door opens.

Kayla: No more waiting! Iím finally here!

Hope: Kay!

They all hug her.

EJ and Stefano are in the DiMera mansion. EJ moves closer to Stefano.

EJ: If you go through with this wedding to Carly, I will disown you. I will make sure my Johnny, Alexis, and any other children I may have never see you. And lastly, I will finish you.

EJ turns around, and leaves the living room.

Stefano: You fool! Get back here!

Stefano throws his glass against the wall.

Stefano: Stupid children!

He throws books against the wall.

Stefano: Itís over, Elvis! Consider this your warning!

EJ closes the door to the mansion, and goes to his car.

John, Bo, Shane, Steve, Shawn, Shawn Sr., and Brady are in the groomís room of St. Lukeís.

John: You ready?

Brady: Iím nervous.

Bo: Oh, itís no big deal. Just try not to forget your vows.

They all laugh.

Steve: What do you think the women are doing now?

Brady: Probably the same thing were doing.

Anna, Marleana, Sami, Hope, Kimberly, Carrie, Kayla and Caroline are in the bridal room.

Caroline: Ok, sweetie, I have your ďsomething oldĒ.
Caroline hands her something that is wrapped. Carrie opens it, and it is a Vail.

Caroline: Itís the Vail from my wedding dress.

Carrie: Oh my God! Itís so beautiful! And it will look so good with my dress! Thank you so much!

They hug.

Caroline: Your grandfather and I have had ups and downs, and we have gotten through every single one. I hope this Vail will bring you and Brady happiness for all the days of your lives.

Anna: I have your ďsomething newĒ

She hands Carrie a box. Carrie opens it, and it is a pair of diamond earrings. Carrie gasps.

Carrie: Oh my God! Mom, these are so beautiful!

They hug.

Anna: I want you to wear these earrings today, symbolizing your new life with Brady.

Kayla: I have your ďsomething borrowedĒ.

Kayla hands her a box. Carrie opens it, and it is a diamond ring.

Carrie: Oh my God!

Kayla: When Steve and I reunited a few years ago, he gave me this ring. I want you to wear this ring today, symbolizing that you will always get through the hard times.

Carrie: Thank you so much.

They hug.

Sami: Ok, I have your something blue.

Sami hands her a box. Carrie opens it, and it is a necklace with a blue diamond.

Carrie: Itís so beautiful! Thank you so much, Sami!

They hug.

Sami: I wish you all the luck on your wedding day, Carrie.

Outside in the cemetery, Yolanda looks around the tombstones. Nicole comes behind her.

Nicole: Youíre already here?

Yolanda: I came with Victor, Barbie.

Nicole: Oh, well I donít think Iím going to stay.

Yolanda: Then why did you come here, then?

Nicole: I donít know, I thought I should, but I kinda showed up at his last wedding wearing a wedding dress.

Yolanda: Oh stop your chattering! I suggest you stick around for the wedding; itís going to be lots of fun.

Nicole: I donít know if I should be scared by that.

Yolanda: Donít worry your little head; there will be no damage to you.

Nicole: I just want to know one thing.

Yolanda: Ask.

Nicole: Will they actually get married?

Yolanda: My little surprise shouldnít stop them getting married. Or maybe it will.

Yolanda walks away.

Nicole: What a weird old bat.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Brady and Rebecca are outside St. Lukeís.

Brady: What are you doing here?

Rebecca: I just wanted to see if you can go through with it, while still being in love with me.

She moves closer to him, and kisses him.

EJ and Sami are in the vestibule of St. Lukeís.

EJ: Samantha, Iím saying that you need to be careful.

Sami: EJ, what did you do?


Tuesday April 28 2009

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All the Days of Our Lives

Carrie is in the washroom of the Penthouse Grill. She holds her stomach, and then washes her hands. She leaves the washroom, and then sits at a table across from Anna.

Anna: Are you feeling ok, sweetie?

Carrie: Ya, Iím just a little anxious, I guess.

Anna: Thatís normal.

Carrie: I guess so.

Anna: Carrie, is something wrong?

Carrie: Mom, the weddings tomorrow, and I donít know if Iím ready.

Nicole and Rebecca are in the Java Cafť.

Nicole: So, you have any plans for tomorrow?

Nicole sips some of her coffee.

Rebecca: You are so very funny, Nicole.

Nicole: What? Youíre going to the wedding?

Rebecca: Of course Iím not going to the wedding.

Nicole: Well, I think the wedding will be fun.

Victor is behind her.

Victor: You stay the hell away from my grandsonís wedding.

Nicole: Nice to know youíre still grumpy in the morning, Victor.

Victor: Oh shut up, you little twit. If your anywhere near the church, Iíll make sure you are thrown out!

Nicole: You would throw out your favorite wife?

Brady goes outside the Brady Pub, and sees John outside.

John: Brady!

Brady: Hey dad.

John: You ready for tomorrow?

Brady: More than Iíll ever be.

John: Thatís good.

Brady: So, are you going to the wedding with Marleana?

John: Why would you ask that?

Brady: I donít know, maybe because it seems like the right thing to do.

John: I donít want to talk about this.

Brady: Why do you keep ignoring your past?

John: Marleana is better off without me! All I have done is hurt her, and put her in danger!

Marleana hears them from around the corner.

Anna and Carrie are sitting in the Penthouse Grill. The waiter brings them pancakes.

Anna: Honey, what do you mean youíre not ready for tomorrow?

Carrie: I donít know if getting married is the right thing.

Anna: Carrie, this is what you want. You are just nervous about it. Everybody is.

Yolanda bumps into Victor in the Java cafť.

Yolanda: Iím so sorry- oh, Mr. Kirikas, itís so good to see you again.

Victor: The pleasure is all mine. And please, call me Victor.

Nicole notices them talking.

Yolanda: Ok, Victor. I was wondering if you would like to enjoy a dinner tomorrow.

Victor: I would love to but I have my grandsonís wedding.

Yolanda: Oh, yes I read about that. It slipped my mind.

Victor: Well, we could still have dinner. Would you like to come with me?

Yolanda: I would love that! But are you sure?

Victor: Of course!

Yolanda: Ok, Iíll see you there.

Brady is outside the Brady Pub. Marleana walks to him.

Brady: You heard our conversation, didnít you?

Marleana: I did.

Brady: Iím sorry. But at least now you know that he doesnít want to be with you because it will put you in danger.

Marleana: I really donít think thatís the reason, Brady.

Brady: What do you mean?

Marleana: If that was the reason, then he wouldnít be with Kate, because it would be putting her in danger too, right?

Brady: Come on, Marleana. You know that itís different.

Marleana: Brady, why donít we stop talking about this and get something to eat?

Brady: That sounds like a good idea.

Anna gets out of the elevator at the Penthouse Grill. She goes to the hostess.

Anna: Hi, sorry to bother you, but I forgot my cell phone at my table.

Hostess: Oh, itís right here.

She hands it to her.

Anna: Thank you so much!

Anna turns around, and walks as she is putting her cell phone in her purse. She bumps into someone. She doesnít see his face.

Anna: Well, sorry!

He walks away, and she looks at him, strangely.

Anna: That was familiar.

She goes back into the elevator.

Yolanda is ordering a coffee at the Java Cafť. Nicole goes to talk to her.

Nicole: Hello, Iím Nicole Walker.

She extends her hand. They shake hands.

Yolanda: Yolanda DiMera. Is there something I can help you with?

Nicole: DiMera? Wow, how many of you are there running around?

Yolanda: Is this why you came to talk to me?

Nicole: No, actually. I saw you talking to Victor Kirikas.

Yolanda: This conversation just keeps getting more exciting by the minute.

Nicole: Well, I was going to warn you, but now I know youíre a DiMera, and you probably know what youíre doing.

Yolanda: I do.

Nicole: Well, maybe you need help?

Yolanda: Now, how would your help be beneficial to me?

Nicole: I know everything about him, from his business dealings to how he likes it in bed. We were married.

Yolanda scans her.

Yolanda: Victor married you?

Nicole: Long story; the point is, that if you want to bring him down, Iím here to help.

Yolanda: I think I might like you; and I might need you. Give me your number.

Nicole writes her number down on a napkin.

Yolanda: Iíll call you when youíre needed.

Yolanda takes her coffee, and leaves the Java Cafť.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

EJ and Stefano are in the DiMera mansion living room.

EJ: I have a wedding to attend, so make it quick.

Stefano: Youíll have another wedding to attend; my wedding to Carly.

Nicole and Yolanda are in the cemetery of St. Lukeís church.

Yolanda: I suggest you stick around for the wedding; itís going to be lots of fun.

Anna, Marleana, Sami, Hope, Kimberly, Carrie and Caroline are in the bridal room of St. Lukeís.

Anna: We all have some gifts for you, sweetie.

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