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Twoo Week Summary



My internet has been down for a while, so I am posting a summary of the episodes that should have aired.

Belle got out of surgery, and survived. Her friends and family informed her that she will be going to a clinic in Switzerland, to get her better. Belle agreed, and got on a plane to Switzerland. Meanwhile, Kate learned that Philip isn't really Philip! Victor informed her that Philip never received a face transplant, but was in a coma in Switzerland. Victor told her that he did it, so that he would be able to win custody of Claire. Kate was upset with him, and demanded to go see him. Victor told her that he is starting to wake up, and is asking for Belle. They came up with a plan to take advantage of Belle, and bring her there.

Shane and Kim's wedding day arrived, and Shane was tying up loose ends with his investigation dealing with Stefano, EJ, Victor, Philip and John. Just as he was about to say "I do", a gunshot came through the church, and shot him in the back. He fell to the ground, and was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

After a visit to the DiMera mansion, EJ learned that Stefano and Carly got married. He mad it very clear to Stefano that he is through with him, and that he is disowning him. Stefano became very upset, and told him he will regret this! EJ left the mansion, and Stefano threw a picture of EJ and Johnny. Stefano vowed revenge, and Carly told him she is behind him.

Bo and Hope found out that Billie has been faking her pregnancy, but before they could do anything about it, Billie went on the run! They decided not to goo look for her since they have more pressing matters at home. Meanwhile, Ciara began to rebuild her relationship with her parents, but is still deciding to live with Doug and Julie.

After Austin's look-alike crashed Brady and Carrie's wedding, Brady has been confused over Carrie's feelings. But she assured him that she love him. Meanwhile, the DNA came back, revealing that Mark and Kate are a match, thanks to Yolanda. Kate made it clear to him that she is going to try her best to be a mother to him. As time went on, everyone learned that he is a lot like Austin. Although she doesn't want to admit it, Carrie sees a lot of Austin in Mark.

Nicole realized that Scotty is working with Stefano, but decided to keep her mouth shut about it- for now. Not knowing what to do, she turned to Rebecca for help, and Rebecca told her she needs to get away form Scotty now! Nicole disagreed, but then found Scotty on the pier with Stefano, and she finally realized what she had to do. She confronted Scotty, and told him she is leaving him. She packed her bags, and landed on Yolanda's doorstep! Yolanda let her in, and let her live with her.

Meanwhile, Yolanda decided to get help for her brain tumor, but the doctor told her it was too late. She was told she only has about 1 year left. She decided she has to speed up her plans for Stefano.

Marleana went on a date with Harold, who is working with Yolanda. He tried to spike Marleana's drink, but she dropped it before she drank it. Yolanda told him she is tired of his stupid excuses, and told him that if he can't do it, she will get somebody else! Harold told her he will do it. Harold followed her home, and held a gun to her, forcing her to let him in. Once inside, he tied her up.


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