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Tuesday May 5 2009



All the Days of Our Lives

Hope, Marleana and Sami are in the bridal room of St. Luke’s.

Sami: Well, that was unexpected.

Marleana: Imagine what’s going through Carrie’s head.

Hope: And Kate’s.

Marleana looks at her phone, and sees that she has a bunch of missed calls from the hospital.

Marleana: Oh my God.

Sami looks at her phone, and sees the same thing too.

Sami: I have so many missed calls from the hospital.

Marleana: Me too.

Marleana’s phone rings. She answers it.

Marleana: Hello?

John: Marleana, Belle was in an accident! She’s in the hospital.

Marleana: Oh my God! I’ll be right there!

Hope: What is it?

Marleana: Belle was in an accident!

Carly is sitting in the living room of the DiMera mansion. Stefano walks in.

Carly: I heard about your latest scheme.

Stefano: What the hell are you talking about?

Carly: Carrie’s dead husband, showing up at their wedding?

Stefano: What? Austin’s alive!

Carly: Ok, pretend you don’t know.

Stefano: I really have no idea what you’re talking about.

Carly: A man showed up at Carrie and Brady’s wedding, who looks just like Austin. Apparently he’s saying that he’s his twin brother, and they were separated at birth.

Stefano: I have absolutely nothing to do with this.

Jack and Jennifer walk into their living room, and see JJ sitting on the couch.

JJ: Hey, I thought you guys were going to Carrie and Brady’s wedding.

Jennifer: We did; the reception was cancelled.

JJ: They didn’t get married?

Jack: They did, and then someone showed up right after the wedding.

JJ: Who?

Jennifer: Someone who looks just like Austin Reed.

JJ: Wow, that’s weird.

Jennifer: Imagine how Carrie feels.

Jack: And Brady.

Shawn, Marleana, Bo, Hope and Eric get out of the elevator at the hospital. They see John, and they go to him.

Marleana: John, what happened?

John: She was hit by a truck.

Marleana: Oh my God! Is she alright?

John: She needed surgery. I told them they can go ahead with it.

Marleana: Thank you.

Mike comes.

Marleana: Mike, is she ok?

Mike: It doesn’t look good.

Marleana: What’s wrong?

Mike: The baby didn’t make it.

Shawn: Baby?

Mike: Belle didn’t tell you?

Marleana: She was pregnant?

Mike: I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have been the one to tell you that.

Tears form in all of their eyes.

Marleana: Is Belle ok?

Mike: Belle is going to be ok, but there’s some bad news.

Carrie and Brady walk into their apartment.

Brady: Well, this isn’t how I expected our wedding night.

Carrie: That makes two of us.

He hugs her.

Brady: Seeing Mark must have brought up some old emotions.

Carrie: It did.

Brady’s phone rings. He answers it.

Brady: Hello?

Bo: Brady! Where were you?

Brady: My phone wasn’t on. What’s wrong?

Bo: You need to get to the hospital; Belle was in an accident.

Brady: We’ll be right there!

Carrie: What’s wrong?

Brady: Belle was in an accident.

Carrie: Oh my God! Is she ok?

Brady: I don’t know.

They leave the apartment.

Stefano is in the kitchen of the DiMera mansion. He starts seeing blurry, and holds his heart. Carly comes in the room.

Carly: Are you ok?

Stefano starts to look better.

Stefano: I’m fine, just a bit light headed.

Carly: Are you sure? You don’t look too good.

Stefano: Yes, I’m fine. I’m hungry though.

Carly: Go into the living room, I’ll have the cook make something.

He goes into the living room. Tony walks into the living room.

Stefano: Oh Lord.

Tony: I heard about your latest plot, father.

Stefano: I’m so sick of having to explain myself every time something happens in this town! I have nothing to do with Austin Reed!

Tony laughs.

Tony: Of course you don’t.

Stefano: Don’t you have something to do, Antony?

Tony: Not today, actually. Just know that they are running DNA tests, in two different locations.

Stefano: Good for them! I don’t care! I have nothing to do with Austin Reed, or his twin!

Shawn, Marleana, and John are talking to Mike.

Mike: Because of the miscarriage, Belle will no longer be able to conceive children.

Marleana starts crying.

Mike: Fertility options are available, but they don’t look good.

Yolanda is on the pier. Mark comes beside her.

Yolanda: Good job today.

Mark: What are you going to do about the DNA tests?

Yolanda: Don’t worry about that. Now, get to the hospital. Carrie will be there.

Mark leaves. Her cell phone rings. She answers it.

Yolanda: Hello?

Man: The crash was done; I’m getting out of the country as we speak.

Yolanda: Good job.

She hangs up.

Yolanda: I’m going to destroy your children, John. Then I’m going to destroy you.

She turns around, and sees Harold.

Yolanda: Why, hello.

Harold: I have an idea for Marleana.

Yolanda: You leave the ideas to me; you just do what I tell you.

Harold leaves.

Harold: I already got what I wanted from you, Yolanda. I don’t need you anymore.

She goes closer to him.

Yolanda: You better be careful with how you talk with me, because I will ruin you.

She leaves, and he laughs.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Shane hands a bunch of files to a man.

Shane: I’m done with this investigation.

Marleana and Belle are in her hospital room.

Belle: I’m going away, mom. I need help.

Marleana: I know; you leave next week.

Victor and Kate are in the Kirikas mansion.

Victor: I did what was best for my son!

Kate: No! You did what was best for yourself!


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