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GH: NY Daily News Scrubs Article...with spoilers!

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'GH's' two lovesick docs unable to heal themselves


Robert Scorpio has returned to "General Hospital," just in time to have a fight with Robin that propels her into Patrick's arms.

"The fight with her dad is pretty heated and intense," says Kimberly McCullough, who plays Robin. "She is hiding a lot of pain. She had learned to live without her father, and then he came back. So she basically tells him to go screw himself."

"Robin and Patrick have a lot in common," adds Jason Thompson, who plays "GH's" Dr. McDreamy, Patrick Drake. "They have intimacy issues deep down - separately and together - which they play that they don't. They've been pushed away by the people they love. And obviously the HIV she carries with her makes it difficult for her. She trusted someone before and ended up with that."

After Robin's fight with her dad, Patrick encourages her to go back and work things out with him.

"They both have their little daddy issues; she's got hers with Robert and he's got his with Noah," says Thompson, referring to Dr. Noah Drake, played again by Rick Springfield. "They battle back and forth. They bicker. Patrick gives her advice, but he doesn't take her advice."

Unfortunately, Robin does take Patrick's advice and tries to make nice with Robert. But when her dad tells her he's leaving town again, she loses it - and heads straight for Patrick's apartment.

"She wants to prove to herself, her dad and Patrick that she is going to take her life in her hands and not do things so safely," says Thompson. "So they fall into bed! But then they slow down and talk about it, and it doesn't go as far as he was hoping it would."

Mainly because they are interrupted at the most inopportune time.

"After a long talk, things heat up," says McCullough. "But then there's a knock at the door. It's another woman whom he had a date with! Robin says, 'Were you going to tell me?' and he says, 'No. You were in such a hurry, I thought we could do it really fast before she got here.'"

Wow, is that the wrong thing to say.

Robin storms out, and the fighting physicians are back to square one.

"The saga continues," says Thompson.

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