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LATEST DEMO RATINGS: January 2-6, 2023


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    • Yeah, I was wondering as it seemed to me that they may be co-equals or something of that nature. I couldn't tell.  The Bill and Shelia storyline isn't bad per se in my opinion. I guess for me, I like to see things happen organically. And this sh*t ain't organic, okay? I want my refund back, lol! The only thing that would make my day is if Shelia's toe and Bill's cross had supernatural powers. Hell, yeah! Place that decapitated middle toe on top of Bill's cross and then wrap it around with some string or yarn. I wanna see the destructive powers happen! Have them glow green or red! I'm here for it! However, as a viewer, I never witnessed Bill and Shelia at the beach, etc. Are writers at B&B taking the cheap Ron Carlivati route where things happen spontaneously behind our backs? 
    • Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo, AMC) looking DILFy af:  
    • lol I said on twitter HT might as well acting against a mannequin cause she's getting literally nothing 
    • AW brought back Steve Frame their first BFTD. It was a bust because it was a different actor playing against a different actress (Alice) in a story that downplayed the original romance Steve/Alice in favor of Steve/Rachel that alienated Mac/Rachel fans. And the whole thing played out in a completely different canvas to the original.
    • He's looking hot in the pic.
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