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ARTICLE: Game Show Categories Exit Daytime Emmys Competition, Heading to Primetime


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Drew Carey, The Price is Right, #PriceIsRight

As part of their agreement on realigning Emmy Awards by Genre and not by daypart, The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) and the Television Academy announced today that Game Show categories will no longer be awarded during the annual Daytime Emmy Awards telecast which is overseen by NATAS and will instead be presented by the Television Academy beginning in 2023.

The eligibility period for nominations has been extended to help with the migration to the Television Academy Emmys with an 18-month window, January 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023. According to the new rules, a program with game elements must primarily take place in-studio and involve mental challenges to be eligible for Outstanding Game Show. They must be self-contained or carry-over (winner continues to next episode) and cannot be arced.

As for Outstanding Host for a Game Show, the award will be presented to the “master of ceremony” host(s) for a continuing performance in a Game Show.

To avoid confusion between Outstanding Game Show and Outstanding Competition Program (which awards programs with reality-style, skill-based competitions), the category for the latter will be revised to Outstanding Reality Competition Program.

To recap, the new categories under the Television Academy are as follows:

  • Outstanding Game Show
  • Outstanding Host for a Game Show
  • Outstanding Reality Competition Program

Game shows and reality competition programs with solely children as contestants must enter in the Children’s & Family Emmy Awards.During “The 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards” presentation in June, Steve Harvey won for Outstanding Game Show Host for hosting “Family Feud.” Meanwhile, “Jeopardy!” won for Outstanding Game Show.

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Not speaking about TPIR but Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune always seemed odd to me, as I was more familiar with them being early evening programs. I realize they air late afternoon in some television markets but their place within the Daytime Emmys telecast always seemed incongruous. 
I am not sure that I ever saw them on the Primetime Emmys either though.

Makes me wonder, with the popularity of game shows like Jeopardy and the cultural capital is has amassed in the last decade, if maybe there was a move in the works to extricate the Jeopardy brand, in particular, away from a fading brand.

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It's my understanding that the reason behind the move to the Television Academy is with the booming popularity of game shows in primetime the shows airing at night are now eligible for Emmys whereas they previously couldn't get awarded. With the increased competition there, IMO, it'll be less likely that true daytime game shows like "The Price is Right" and "Let's Make a Deal" will ever get the win, if even a nomination.

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