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It seems that most rational soap fans have better solutions to fix the four remaining soaps on air either on this forum, social media and elsewhere. So I want to know if you had free reign on your favorite soaps. How would you improve them? Casting? Storyline reconstruction? etc... Have Fun!!! 



  • End Villy - Sometimes you can't go back home again. To be fair though I never liked them as a couple even though I get them on paper as a couple, but it is not working due to the acting and story for them. Break Up Make Up and the entire 360 again. Get them out of each other orbits as a couple and have them be friends who are exes and co-parent their children with their own love interests. Get Billy with someone else and perhaps recast Cole Howard with someone like Jon Hensley or Grayson McCouch to come back to town as a successful writer who Victoria rekindle things with. 
  • Black People Have Lives Too: Look I know sadly after the KSJ/Neil tribute episodes. It's obvious that they're probably going back to now "Hamilton Wednesdays" I mean has Ana had a scene without her brother or her father or her newfound cousin in a good while now? Ana should be out mingling with Mariah/Tessa/Kyle/Summer/Lola etc... See her delving back into career in music as well as business. Have Elena start working at GC Memorial along with Nate and create a love triangle between them and Devon to keep things interesting. I don't know what they should do with Jett though. I mean I see people out on Twitter talking about maybe he should date Traci. I'm not too sure about that, but I am not exactly a fan of most of the black characters living together without lives of their own. We should see Devon struggle with letting Hilary go so more and how is he doing internally with losing so many people in his life. Not just paying it lip service a few times a year. If it is possible I would try to reach out Victoria Rowell and Mishael Morgan so they can reignite the Winters/Barber/Hamilton clan again. 
  • Teen Scene: I know some people online and on this forum moan about having young characters on the show. However, can you seriously name me the last time that Y&R had a successful teen scene? Probably since Glow By Jabot or at least decent with Daniel/Lily/Devon//Sierra/Cassie/Colleen etc...  But you can't have a show to last years without a younger generation. It's time to SORAS Faith into a wild child 16 year old who can lead her own group of friends and enemies attending Walnut Grove. Perhaps we get a SORAS Moses along with her and a couple other peripheral characters that can have the potential to be characters we'll care about in the near future. 


Saving the rest for later.....


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