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How many people have Fios and are in DC, Buffalo, or Norfolk?

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I wondered how many people here have Verizon Fios and are in DC, Buffalo, or Norfolk (VA)?  The owner (Tegna) and Verizon did not reach an agreement and I'm in DC and lost WUSA9 (CBS) yesterday and still don't have it back.  The Norfolk station is an ABC affiliate, and the Buffalo station is an NBC affiliate....so if you have Verizon Fios your stations will be dark until Tegna reaches an agreement with Verizon.  This is the same issue that Disney networks had but they reached an agreement.


It should be interesting to see what a dip/tank the soap ratings will take when this particular week's ratings come out in a couple/few weeks....it was already New Year's week with a couple shows running re-runs or not airing because of football games or hockey games so viewership would already be tanking....but now since this major service affects all 3 networks, depending on the city...it will be interesting to see how much Y&R/B&B on CBS, and GH on ABC, and DAYS on NBC dip.  Not that Verizon is the only provider in these areas but it's a major one...and if they remain dark over a couple/few days how much these particular cities affect the overall ratings for those shows.  I know DC is a major TV market, I would guess Buffalo is as well....and Norfolk I know is the largest metro population in Virginia so that could affect GH alot. 

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