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Y&R: December Spoilers

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According to spoilers (including spoilers from soaps.com day ahead recap) on  tomorrow's episode Nate, Victor and Nick will all be arrested and taken to the police station. They will be facing kidnapping charges. Rey and Christine will interrogate them. They will decide to not to press charges against Nate and Nick but will bring charges against Victor for the murder of JT.


Also tomorrow is the day that Cane kisses Victoria. Their scenes are going to be intense. Victoria is going to go over to the Ashby home and try and blame Charlie for the accident. Her and Cane will argue about Reed/Charlie and their roles in the accident. She will tell Cane that Charlie is just like him.  She will then lay into Cane, and tell him he is a bad father and a bad husband. She will also bring up how he tried to cover up Lily's role in Hilary's death. She will blame him for Brash and Sassy going under. She will talk about Lily quite a bit and will tell him that his marriage to Lily is awful.


She will also say that Lily is braver than him and that Lily deserves better than him. Cane will accuse her of being jealous of his and Lily's relationship, and says they have a real one. He will then ask her how many boyfriends, fiancees/husbands she's had since she met him. Cane will also say he believes that JT isn't dead but that he's just hiding off the grid so he doesn't have to deal with Victoria. At the very end Cane will say that Victoria thinks that everyone is cold and empty like she is and then they will kiss each other intensely.


Also, before Victoria goes over to see Cane, she will tell Billy about the accident. Billy will think that Reed will deserve to face the consequences for his actions but will support Victoria in the situation.

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