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Christmas light thread


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So.... what do you like to use? Outside or inside? Standard or LED? 


Quite a few of the mini LED's kind of hurt my eyes, do you all feel the same way? I know they use so much less electricity, and you can hook a bazillion strings together... but It still bothers me to look at them. 

This is intense. Can't imagine the amount of work that goes into this. 



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On 11/24/2018 at 4:57 PM, I Am A Swede said:

Oh my! 

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The person responsible for that tree has obviously never heard the saying "less is more"......


I do love Christmas, and I love to decorate for Christmas, but some people take decorating much too far.   

In today's market, the standard incadescent C7 or C9 bulbs have gone downhill in quality. I purchased some transparent multi color ones, and discovered that they appeared all washed out, and not properly colored like when I bought them as a teenager. I had to go to a professional Christmas light website, and purchase what they call "triple dipped" bulbs, and THESE look like the lights I remember from 30 years ago. They look especially nice when covered in snow. We had a blizzard yesterday, and they were gorgeous when they came on last night. 


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