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B&B: August 2017 Discussion Thread

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7 hours ago, dragonflies said:

It's Linsey's natural hair, and the brown is her natural color lol


I can buy the brown hair, which she's had on return, but I just saw a screen cap and it's literally to top of her b**bs! It's just bizarre. Perhaps it's Brad's attempt to make her look dowdy, sick and matronly. 


I'm guessing all these horrible $B-centric stories involving S2 and C2 are Brad's attempt to split Brill in order to have a disgusted Brooke 'open her heart' to Widge 

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I saw a little yesterday and saw the same conversation with Caroline and Bill.  "I can't do this anymore".  "Yes you will."  "I have to tell the truth!"  "No you can't."  "Have someone declare me cured!!!"  "It's too soon!"  Yawn.  So silly.   Did they ever explain why Uncle Bill knows she's dying, Thomas knows she's dying, but her Mother's don't???  Or - does Thomas wonder why she's not going to the doctor or who her doctor is?  He never asked?  Just so silly. 

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