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Beatles history began 7.6.1957


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    • Burke's death is absolutely a classic fake soap death that seemed primed for him to turn up alive (and maybe was intended to leave the door open). I fully expected to see him return when I was a kid watching on Sci-Fi, as I was already very familiar with the old plane crash chestnut from soaps. For whatever reason they never pulled the trigger though and just moved on to pairing Vicki with Roger Davis. Maybe they felt the Anthony George recast was not working and that the character was too uniquely paired with Mitch Ryan (who'd made himself unemployable due to his alcoholism). I also always loved the very dark note of ambiguity to Burke's presumed death: The possibility raised in the scripts, I believe, that Barnabas could have had something to do with his plane going down, perhaps by appearing on it.
    • Thanks  @DRW50  I needed a good chuckle.
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    • Yeah, exactly. I recently finished watching the entire run and they really didn't have any traditional "back from the dead" storylines where someone is killed off and comes back eventually. As you said, if the show had continued they might've gone there with Burke due to him being killed off screen in a plane crash, but clearly with Victoria's character gone there was no opportunity to do so (along with their obvious growing disinterest in the current day Collins's). 
    • I find the murderers targeting people at their houses of worship the absolute worst. If there is a good argument for the death penalty Dylann Roof is it. If we aren't going to serve it up to that kind of monster, lets just get rid of it once and for all. Thank you Marceline. Rachel is always trying to get me to take her there. She thinks she's a mini fashionista. We are incredibly lucky.
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