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Agnes Nixon's autobiography

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8 hours ago, Scrapple said:

Any good books that would interest ATWT viewers?


I don't know how far back a viewer you are, and the show isn't really the focus of the story - but if you remember Rita McLaughlin Walter (Carol, 1970-1982), she and her husband (Rev. Norman Walter) wrote a book together years ago. It is called No Shadow of Turning. It's been out of print for years but you could find it through your local library system or online venues like Amazon. The book mainly deals with their journey of faith and how they got together, but Rita does go into detail about how she got the ATWT gig and the storylines her character had been involved with up to that point (the book was published around 1980, when she was still on the show). Norman mentions how he was hired to play a minister in several of the show's weddings, and also became a sort of technical adviser about religious matters as well. Several cast members like Kathy Hays, Patricia Bruder, Don Hastings, Larry Bryggman and Dennis Cooney are mentioned and with respect. Stephen Bolster wasn't on ATWT very long, but it was long enough for he and his wife to introduce Rita and Norm to each other.


Other than that, I know Eileen Fulton wrote two autobiographies (How My World Turns and How My World Still Turns). There was Julie Poll's coffee table book for the 40th anniversary, and a trivia book by Gerry Waggett. Beyond that, I don't know.

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