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December 26, 2014

Created by
Frank and Doris Hursley

Executive Producer
Frank Valentini

Written By
Ron Carlivati

Chris Van Etten
Katherine Schock
Anna Theresa Cascio
Daniel James O'Connor

Andrea Archer Compton

Elizabeth Korte

Directed By
Wiliam Ludel

Mary-Kelly Weir

Mercer Barrows

Michelle Henry

Coordinating Producer
Jennifer Whittaker-Brogdon

Post Production Supervisor
Peter Fillmore

Edited By
Christine Magarian-Ucar

Script Writers
Elizabeth Page
Suzanne Flynn
Scott Sickles
Kate Hall

Associate Directors/Editors
Christine Magarian-Ucar
Christine Cooper
Denise Van Cleave

Stage Managers
Craig McManus
Crystal Craft

Casting Director
Mark Teschner, C.S.A.

Casting Coordinator
Regina Bunye

Production Designer
Chip Dox

Assistant Art Directors
Jennifer Elliot
Andrew Evashchen

Costume Designer
Shawn Reeves

Assistant Costume Designers
Jeff Hartman

Costume Supervisor
Julianna Bolles Morrison

Lighting Directors
Robert Bessoir
Vincent Steib

Production Associates
Allison Reames
Jillian Dedote
Marika Kushel

Assistant to the Executive Producer
Donny Sheldon

Production Coordinators
Nneka Garland
Janee Dabney

Script Coordinator
Francesca Butler

Writers' Assistant
Andrea Archer Compton

Vice President of West Cost Production
Joe Montrone

Production Manager
Tom Rotolo

Production Administrator
Meighan Harris

Manager of Technical Services and Post Production
John Luis

Technical Directors
Kevin Carr
Chuck Abate

Property Masters
Robert K. Markham
Ian Bramer
Kyle Bell
Neal Moran
Jimmy O’Dwyer
Jared Batty

Head Electricians
Ray Morales
Melanie Mohr
Peter Canon
Henner Tahir
Zaraya Skea
Maria Green
Scott Eberhart
George Webster

Head Carpenters
Mike Williams
Jeff Kalp

Christopher Banninger

Senior Video
Antonio F. Simone

Dale Carlson
Craig Camou
Barbara Langdon
Dean Cosanella

Boom Operators
Alan Zema
Chris Tyson

Stanley Magnone
Jimmy Chang
Nick Kleissas

Special Effects
John Linscott
Jim Wahl

Maki Chadahri
Alice Volition
Nicole Nagy
Nichole Nelson
William Hoffman
Nicole Arrigo-Ramos

Donna Messina Armogida
Bobbi Roberts
Angela Ackley
Tamara Papirian
Caitlin Davison

Hair Stylists
Anzahela Adzhiyan
Lauran Stone
Nicole Moore
Linda Osgood

On-line Editor
David O. Gonzalez

Re-recording Mixers
Donald Smith
Nicholas S. Marcus

Air-Speed Recordist
Sandy Masone
Steven Gonzalez

Engineering Maintenance
Casimiro Ancheta
Greg Dolphin

Senior Manager, Accounting
Hilda Recio

Accounting Coordinator
Maricela Gaviria

Alesia A. James

Janetta Graham
Adrian De La Riva

Original Music by
Paul S. Glass
Kurt Biederwolf

Music Directors
Paul S. Glass
Dave MacLeod

Theme Music by
Paul S. Glass
Steven Hopkins
Jack Urbont

Videotaped at
The Prospect Studios in Hollywood

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