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GH: Robert & Anna: Supercouple, Super Spies

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I guess I really am pissing off all kinds of fanbases tonight. :P

Whatever. I'm fine with Duke & Anna and am willing to watch more of them and Robert & Holly, but damn it! I love my R&A!

Set to their song, Stevie Wonder's "All in Love Is Fair" :


This one is R&A's entire history in a nutshell. Perfection.


And their notorious history as spies and Bickering McBickersons :lol: :


"The insufferable team of...Devane and Scorpio." :wub:

Oh, and this scene's great, too. :)


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Oh, and this scene's great, too. smile.png


When she jumps on him and then hits him. wub.png Also there was a desk sex scene that was really hot. I remember when they all met Dominique, she was showing them around her house. Robert sees the stairs banister and acts as if he's gonna jump on it, to slide down, Anna gets all embarrassed. It was hilarious.

I'll always prefer the R/A dynamic. They didn't need to be romantic to pull me. Super spies/parents/friends etc. wub.png

Missing You by Diana Ross also played during their first scene.


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