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GH November Sweeps

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On the heels of Steve Burton's exit with Jason being presumed dead, Sean Kanans charActer arrives in PC.

The Quartermaine family fears that they have lost Jason and in walks SK

Sonny is coping with a life without Jason & is facing the possibility of a life without Kate

SK's character will upset Sonnys life in a big way

The door is open for the possibility of romance between carly & Todd

Sam who believes Jason is coming back is hesitant to lean on mcbain again even though in a lot of ways she needs him right now.Meanwhile john is a bit adrift he's a man without a country. He's got to find his place and the process of that begins in November.

There is a tug of war with Anna between Luke & duke

We will get the answer as to why duke lavery is doing these horrible, terrible things

Robin- we will see robin. She will make another attempt to make contact with her family and this time she just might

Found a way to honor JI and Edward & celebrate Thanksgiving in a way that will do justice to john & Edward

Liz doesn't want to believe Jason is gone. Rebuilding her life without him is the thrust of where she's going right now

Starr and Michael have built something pretty solid but Michael's life is going to get turned upside down

Maxie has come to the conclusion that Spinelli is the man for her & she's going to try to worm her way between him & Ellie

Olivia has a hallucination which is pretty major & will lead to a revelation about one of the characters

Lulu becomes more open to the possibility of surrogacy & adoption.Lulu and Dante explore that together

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I don't even know what this means. He's not a "man without a country" unless they mean he chose to dump his kid and now he has a sad. Does this mean he's going to go get drunk with Shawn or Dante and suddenly he will be everyone's friend?

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