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George McGovern Placed in Hospice Care


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Here's some very sad news: George McGovern has been placed in hospice care to live out his final days. He had been seriously ill for the past year.


Though I strongly disagree with Senator McGovern's political views, I would rank him alongside Bob Dole and John McCain as among the most honorable men to receive a presidential nomination (in modern times). He was a World War II hero, but never bragged about those accomplishments. Prior to getting the 1972 Democratic nomination, he headed a commission that made the nomination process far more democratic than it had previously been. (Before 1972, party bosses largely controlled who a presidential nominee would be.) Though he set out to only reform how the Democrats nominated their presidential candidates, the GOP adopted many of McGovern's own recommendations by 1976.

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I wish George well on his journey home. He was not just a good person and a war hero, he was a true public servant who fought for the average and poor citizen. His loss to the depraved criminal Nixon sent our country onto a path of darkness from which I do not think that we have every fully recovered. Goes to show how the American people can have horrifically bad judgment of politicians.

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