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Create A Cliche Soap Story

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These little create a story/name a character that _________/etc topics seem to be popin right now so i was thinking about this one and decided to start it. Take the 4 current soaps only and craft a cliche story. You know them, some of us claim to hate them, but they are what makes a soap opera, well, a soap opera. Baby swaps, back from the dead spouses, serial killers, whos the daddy, etc. What would you do to make a cliche soapy story work?

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Will, Sonny, Nick and Gabby (Days of Our Lives)

(Kidnapping, Baby Switch, Who's the Daddy, Stopped Ceremony, You Are Not the Mother)

Gabby is told by the doctors that her baby will not make it, she desperately wants to have Nicks baby. While she's at the hospital she hears the patient in the next room discussing an abortion. Gabby being no stranger to kidnapping sets her plans in motion.

Gabby chloroforms the mystery patient, only to realize it is SONNY!!! A confused Gabby can't understand why GAY Sonny was discussing an abortion. Sonny reveals that he's a hermaphrodite and he's having Will's baby, a disgusted Gabby, ties Sonny up and tells him "You're having this baby". Now Sonny is missing and Will vows to find Sonny, all the while Gabby is pulling a "Kristen" to keep up the charade that she is pregnant.

Gabby pulls off the fake pregancy, and switches the healthy baby and trashes her dead baby just in time to plan her wedding to Nick.

Gabby's baby "Nick Jr," get's sick and it's revealed that Nick is not the father, so a who's the Daddy story begins, Gabby points the finger at Will! It's revealed that Will is the father, but Will doesn't understand how. Nick agrees to put this behind them and be a family with Gabby and the wedding goes on.

As the wedding is going on we see Sonny escaping. As Gabby is about to say "I DO" Sonny barges in and yells "NOT SO FAST", all the guest stand up, and Sonny reveals that he is the MOTHER of NICK JR!!!!

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