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New Storylines - GH for the Fall~

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Sorry...here I go again.....lol

Scott Reeves, after 2 years on this show, is finally getting a storyline.

Apparently he has secrets. Doesn't everyone in soaps?? biggrin.png

Kristina is very sick. Once she pass's out, Papa Z finds her.

Diane & Max break up. sad.png Diane takes up with Mac! wub.png

Lizard & Lucky...NOT looking good for a reunion. biggrin.png

The Grasshopper moves in with Maxie, Maxie has 'conficting' feelings for Matt. sleep.png

Carly & Shawn get closer. wub.png

Carly shipping Morgan to boot camp? To keep him from Sonny?

Michael takes a drastic turn in his storyline. Bye Abby! biggrin.png

Kate gives reason for Sonny to take on a new perspective in life. (gee here we go again)

Call out for new COS.

TB is NOT the 'women in white' coming to GH. So who is she? Gina?

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I thought Gina was supposed to be around 18?

Not really up for Kate/Sonny again. It was already done, and pretty decently until Guza seemingly decided he hated Kate and Megan Ward was bumped to recurring and treated to cameo appearances every so often.

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Ah. Gotcha. I can see Tamara Braun as the Gina character, I suppose. Gino was mentioned by Skye today, to Tracy, so they are connected for sure. I figured they were, but the last name wasn't spelled exactly and I was wondering if Garin would loosely use Tracy's history with the Soleito's.

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I read about that, and I wonder if Steve is not really Liz's brother.

I didn't know that Diane and Max were even still together lol. And I thought Alexis was still with Mac. They must be going for Alexis and Coleman then.

Great to hear they're not happening again.

Lawd, Maxie. That whole plot is just so stupid and ridiculous.

Finally. biggrin.png I've been enjoying all their scenes together these past weeks.

Michael really breaks up with Abby? Has even once told him she loves him like he's told her?

I knew they would be going for Skate2.

LOL, I didn't hear about a women in white coming.

Thanks for posting. :)

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Diane is bored with Max. However Alexis and Mac were never anything but friends. So you 'snooze, you lose Alexis'!! lol

Not sure who breaks up with who. I read that Johnny gets involved with Abby. I also read today Michael's life takes a complete turn.

What does that mean??

Skate.....BORING.. Again.

Give me anything SR. Since his debut, I have wanted a storyline for him. Now we are FINALLY getting one! lol wub.png

Spinelli, Jackal, Grasshopper.......I just want him to go away. Far far away.

Women in white relates to the Cassadines.

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Ugh, I can't believe that I'm missing Guza. I knew Garin was going to go back to Spixie the first chance he got. Blah.

As for no Lucky and Liz reunion, with Erin Chambers out, I'm guessing Liz gets blamed for something have to do with Siobhan's 'dramatic exit'.

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I don't miss Guza at all!!!! I am not saying the writing is where I want it to be, but its at least watchable.

Liz get blamed? Liz does no wrong. If she is accused, it won't last long.

She should lose her license over what she pulled with stealing drugs and giving them to Lucky.

Now she is messing with more drugs?? And shame on Matt. I thought better of him.mad.gif

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    • I also thought at the time that it would have been more compelling had Christopher actually been JR's but somehow he was still being raised by Pam and Bobby. 
    • That set was awful. I hated the architecture of the house too. The characters were a bust with the writers not knowing what to do with them. In season one there are several episodes where they are not even shown or they are given few lines. I guess they are the Chris & Tracy Partridge of Knots Landing....

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    • Thanks for all the info. I did not know about some of that. That explains when Sue Ellen did her movie, she did not include Pam. I figured she would have the them do the scene of when J.R. caused her to fall that caused the miscarriage or show the flashback of it. Victoria was right to leave if they were not willing to pay her the same rate as Duffy. She got screwed because of Duffy leaving and then he gets paid the big bucks to return. I have come to dislike the Bobby character somewhat. Duffy seemed to get more smarmy/hammy as the show progressed, especially after his return. I always hated how Bobby threw Pam under the bus where Jenna was concerned. Even in the first year, Bobby would drop everything for Jenna and then acted like Pam was being ridiculous when she was a bit jealous. They resolved Charly was not Bobby's in that episode, but then when Jenna returned, they started that crap all over again. I might have cared if Fairchild had returned to the role and it was better written, but Presley did not impress me enough to care about Jenna.  I also thought it was a mistake to kill off Kristin so fast. She could have driven story for years. Since they did kill her off, they should have had baby Christopher to really be J.R.'s and have Bobby and Pam keep the secret for years. Maybe have little Christopher start to exhibit devious tendencies as he started to grow up. 
    • I’m not watching but people are saying the Muchova/Sabalenka match is great.
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