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Full Circle


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This was sort of a "companion" soap to The Clear Horizon debuting almost the same time and being cancelled on the same day. Its lead was played by Dyan Cannon who later became more famous in the 70s. It's opening and close use to be on Youtube and the old WOST site and was a simple but shimmering circle coming at you like the Warner Bros. logo in Looney Tunes. Here's what Matt P. Smith wrote in his guide to soap history:

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Schemering's book doesn't say much you don't already know, just that it aired at 2 PM on the East Coast, was written by Bill Barrett, produced by Norman Morgan, directed by Livia Granito and Bill HOwell.

Lisa Crowder - Dyan Cannon

Loyal Crowder - John McNamara

Gary Donovan - Robert Fortier

Carter Talton - Byron Foulger

David Talton - Bill Lundmark

Beth Perce - Amzie Strickland

Dr. Kit Aldrich - Jean Byron

Virgil Denker - Michael Ross

Ellen Denker - Nancy Millard

The Deputy - Sam Edwards

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CBS tried several shows at 2.00 to follow ATWT.For Better or Worse had preceded Full Circle in that timeslot and it lasted a year.Face the Facts was a shortlived gameshow that replaced Full Circle for about 6 months until Password finally gave CBS a hit in that timeslot.

The competition was Day in Court on ABC and Queen For A Day and then the Jan Murray Show on NBC.

The show was advertised with this tag line-"Meet Gary Donovan,restless wanderer.His only companions are romance and adventure."

Gary arrived in Crowder,Virginia and met Lisa Linda Crowder,a young woman in an unhappy marriage to the older Loyal.a descendant of the town's founder.He also met Dr Kit Aldrich,who fell for him.Gary became interested in solving the mystery surrounding the death of Lisa's first husband.He worked at Loyal's mill with Virgil Denker.

A deputy arrested Loyal for the crime and though he didn't go to jail,Lisa divorced him and went after Gary,who was on the outs with Kit.She also romanced musician David Talton,who married Chris instead.Both the married Chris and David and the dating Kit and Gary had rocky on and off romances over the months.Beth Perce was busybody character.

In 61,David and Chris were expecting,Lisa had married again to a character named Tony and Loyal,who was still running the mill after the arrest, looked to be ready for a new romance.

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