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AMC Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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I don't know about all that, but in the latest episode of The Stupid Adventures of Dumbass Bianca, JR thanked her for saying whatever it was that brought Marissa around to giving their relationship another chance. Bianca proceeds to offer unsolicited suggestions on places he can take Marissa and he cut her off, saying he appreciated everything she's done but he can take it from there. Then, she goes outside and pines for Marissa, looking at her longingly through the window.


She was inappropriate.

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IDK what that means either. But I guess now I have to pay attention to this scene later, from the sounds of it, JR told Binx, um I can do this from here, and she got butt hurt doing one of those gazes that Greenlee gives Ryass to show how they are really meant to be.

TRUST ME JR is DYING to find a reason to get rid of her, otherwise he never sleeps w/ Amanda. So PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAASE TAKE HER!

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I like Griffin...ducks for cover-lol I also like Zach...redeemed?? I want the Kendall and Griffin relationship to finally start. The character of Griffin has grown on me and all of this not kissing is irritating. Kendall has grief/revenge sex when her husband was alive. Let's get this show on the road.

I want Marissa to find out that it was Bianca who purchased the music box. Cut JR off at the knees, just like he did to Bianca today.

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    • What recovery? For their two towers of charisma? I don't take anything for granted. We always have to remain vigilant and work hard, especially in this decade from hell. And media still hates Democrats. But I will say we are in a considerably better position for next year right now than I thought we would be some time ago. Our two opponents are DeSantis, who is never going to be ready for primetime, and Trump. Both are poison in a general and one is facing prison or endless litigation for the rest of his life. And everyone knows it. That is a lot working for us. And that's not even getting to abortion, or the book bans or LGBT crackdowns, which do have a corrosive and broad effect on the general public - negatively, for the GOP.
    • Sorry.  I read your post as asking if the clones have been mentioned lol.  I think Rolf brought it up first even before the Possession telling someone about it.  So maybe Rolf was just telling anyone who would listen.  It's always used in a jokey way, but if everyone knows maybe John should have made sure Marlena's body was her body and all that if there were clones running around. I want to say Marlena was the one who said they found out Kristen was alive and maybe even mentioned it to Kristen in their initial conversation with one another.  But that was the first us viewers ever heard about it as far as I know. Anyway, agreed it was a missed oppurtunity to not have the shock value of Kristen appearing alive out of nowhere.   I also found it strange that most people in Salem were so aware of Kristen and her misdeeds despite her being dead for years. 
    • Congrats on Djokovic on winning the French Open.  

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    • Yeah, I know it's been mentioned several times in the last 1.5 years; I just don't recall who discussed it first. It's funny that something so vague and secretive suddenly becomes common knowledge, as if Stefano bragged about it to anyone who would listen.   I don't remember John/Marlena ever discussing finding Kristen alive offhandedly. I would've thought the shock and awe of her being alive in the first place would've been touched upon in a grand fashion when she returned in 2012, but it was instead glossed over as if everyone in Salem somehow knew how the whole Killing Pool murder of 1998 really panned out.   
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