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I could have sworn there was already a topic for this show here, but I am sadly mistaken. I have previously posted my thoughts on Daytime Royalty about how I was watching the show from the beginning and since then I have went from watching the first two months to watching the first EIGHT! At this point, Paul has finally accepted a damn job, Lucy can still be a huge bitch, Bobby has learned he has three months to get a new job, with Sheila haviing already been fired from hers, Karen has a new beau, Samantha was almost attacked by a peeper but saved herself, the roots of Barry's decscension into villainy have begun and Petra had a near breakdown at the grocery store (which will surely lead to her suicide) and thank God for that, because the actress is a sore. And what saddens me the most is the build up to the destruction of the Huntington marriage. :( They were such a great, witty, entertaining couple and watching them grow apart is just heartbreaking.

Though at this point the show can still have some real imsomnia curing scenes, mostly related to Bobby's job, the show is just addictive. The Grant family is probably one of the best written families I have ever seen in soap. What I like about the show as well is that every single character is different from each other. It's quite refreshing.

As I continue to watch, I'll post more thoughts.

On a random note, does anyone know if Gordon Collins (who has not yet in the story been shown as gay, but does so in late '85) was the first homosexual character on soap, UK and US?

And on a more serious note, could Damon's pants be any tighter?

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