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AMC: Wednesday - December 1, 2010

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He's one of the very few newbies I've felt has potential. The jury is still out about his acting for me too but at least he has had some spark with some of the people he's interacted with so far (Kendall and Amanda).

I find him watchable with Tad only.


I haven't felt him since day one. He has no chemistry with anyone but KWAK , and since I despise her and the air she breathes, I won't watch them either. He can't compare to our Adam and Palmer as a patriarch and continually needs to be propped by other characters to make the audience think he is important. His lack of chemistry with SL makes them unbearable as well and the idea of him besting Jack in that department is laughable. He always looks bored, like he can't wait until this job is over, and frankly, neither can I.

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Anyone else get vibes that Griffin is somehow connected to Asher and/or Caleb. I mean, one long-lost son is enough, but when Griffin was talking about his mother I couldn't help but think of Asher's mother, Sonia, too.

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