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SOD 8-16-83 "Perfect Pairs"

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Special Section: Perfect Pairs

Even if a couple is perfectly matched on a soap, it's quite possible he/she

may have an even better mate on another show; Candid Photos featuring

Taylor Miller & Josh Taylor

Nicholas Walker & Eileen Davidson

Terry Lester & Emma Samms

Kim Delaney & Frank Runyeon

Colleen Zenk & Michael Tylo

Laura Parker & Steve Bond

Larkin Malloy & Deborah Adair

Eric Braeden & Candice Earley

Deidre Hall & Tristan Rogers

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Some of those wouldn't have been too bad.

Was Taylor Miller still on AMC at this time?

A few years before this SOD had done a big photo shoot with her and Tony Geary and oh what if Luke and Nina knew each other.

Is this Lara Parker of Dark Shadows? Was she on Capitol at this time?

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That's the only Lara Parker I could think of too, I don't know. Taylor Miller was still on AMC at this time, she didn't leave until 1984, I believe. I remember AMC having a big issue with three of their big actresses all leaving around the same time (Kim Delaney/Marcy Walker/Taylor Miller).

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Some more Perfect Pairs were

Ed Hall (Al Freeman Jr.) and Quinn Harding (Petronia Paley)

Floyd Parker (Tom Nielson) and Felicia Gallant(Linda Dano)

Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) and Cecile dePoulignac( Nancy Frangione)

Gunnar Stenbeck (Hugo Napier) and Raven Whitney (Sharon Gabet)

Nola McCord (Lisa Brown) and Eugene Bradford (John de Lancie)

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    • Totally agree with this.  I don’t know why people were excited about this Zeke guy coming back.  He was just going to be thrown at Jordan.  That’s such a waste.
    • Well, the whole Doug Cummings story was a bit of a reference to the Willows...(gothic, dead wife, crazy assistant, Dream's End vs. Willows.)  While I am glad he came over to ATWT, I would have loved what he could do with GL at the time.  Bea Reardon was still on the canvas but not used, so he could have brought Lisa Brown back as Nola...(though getting past the Quolas would have been hard as she should have come back alone..) and built the Reardon's back up..He would have loved writing for Alex, and maybe brought Mike back to rebuild the Bauers and also he would be on the spot to write Bert's death. He could have reignited Vanessa and woken her up from her "I'm a Lewis," coma and  I do wonder what he would have done with Reva?
    • Of all the triangles Rauch and Co. were into...I can't believe they never revisited Harley and Jarsh. Well, I know its because they have to have two women fighting over one man and one woman is evil, but would have been cool to have a no villain triangle...(and saved us from Gush...) And it would have driven the Java nuts and Pharley nuts crazy!!!
    • Totally agree. AL isn’t suited to Summer written this way (which is, truthfully, in character). HK wasn’t credible in the boss-bitch moments, which AL plays more easily.
    • Welcome back, Tripp 

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      I’m glad Tripp is back in Salem and I like that he’s planning on being more assertive. He doesn’t deserve to get hurt again. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if some people in the Soap Universe are gonna be mad about his lines today Hopefully, we get some scenes of Johnny/Tripp and Wendy/Chanel. There haven’t been that many lately and this storyline definitely needs them. I think weaving Talia into it would be a good idea as well. She needs a new man now that the Colin storyline is over.  Rafe is still dumb. There really are no security cameras at that hospital that could have shown that Colin didn’t take Abe?? Speaking of Abe, his storyline is total ff material. James Reynolds deserves so much better than this. 
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