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AMC: SOAPnet September Preview

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Source: SOAPnet

All My Children September 2010 Preview

August 28, 2010 1:48 PM By Dustin Fitzharris

Summer may be coming an end, but things ain't cooling down in Pine Valley. We are forecasting big moments, heroism, mystery, love, and death. Yes, death. Because someone -- someone big (as in, they're in the opening credits) -- is going to drop dead. The month kicks off with Caleb Cooney's welcome party to benefit the Miranda Montgomery Center. No surprise, it's anything but problem-free. After David overhears Greenlee and Ryan plotting, he realizes his wife has been playing him for a fool. He tells Greenlee that after the party they are going away together to reaffirm their commitment to each other, to which she agrees. But before the "happy" couple leaves for the big shindig, David slips some vials into his pocket. What could they be filled with? Nothing good, that's for sure. Although, how awesome would it be if it was Libidozone? Remember when he drugged a whole party with that? Alas, we digress.

Greenlee finally reveals to Kendall and Bianca her scheme to frame Erica for embezzlement and David's role in her plane crash. Will the Kane women be able to forgive Greens? They are pretty protective of their mama.

The drama doesn't stop there for the lovely Ms. Smythe (and thankfully so -- can you imagine Greenlee with a simple life?). Look for a pretty big admission (think "L" word) to come out of Greenlee -- or Ryan's -- mouth, about the other. But how does Madison fit into this?

Speaking of flames, while visiting Wildwind, Angie smells smoke ... but she feels helpless, since she is in the middle of another vision attack. Who will play hero and rescue a trapped Miranda? As September days go by, Angie is delivered the news: she's legally blind. This throws her entire future in question: can she remain the Chief of Staff? And was the sacrifice she made (not taking her vision medication to protect her unborn child) enough to ensure a healthy pregnancy? Other mysteries surface. Who is Asher? He admits to Colby that as a kid he was often in trouble -- and knows that anger can drive a people to do things they don't want to do (uh-oh). A suspicious JR checks out Asher's background and finds some discrepancies between the stories he's telling and the actual (?) truth. Asher one ups him and asks for a job, telling JR that hiring him would be a very wise decision. Look for JR to learn something about Asher and his past that will give Mr. Chandler some very interesting food for thought ... and make him a more dangerous player in Pine Valley.

Asher isn't the only thing on JR's mind. Not only is he still thinking about Annie while in the midst of a divorce, his soon-to-be-ex Marissa drops a bomb on him that is not welcome news.

Fighting is also on Randi's mind. She grows more and more frustrated with the time Frankie and Madison are spending together. Is she being paranoid or does she have a reason to be suspicious?

If Zach has warned Kendall once, he's warned her a hundred times that being in Pine Valley is a recipe for disaster. This month, his words will ring true once more when Kendall finds herself in a jail cell. Will she be able to keep her time in the slammer a secret from her husband, or is this the beginning of another tumultuous road for the couple?

All this, PLUS: Liza gets a new job that forces her to work closely with Jesse (y'know, the guy she accused of rape all those years ago?); Tad grows jealous of Krystal's relationship with Caleb; and Brot and Natalia stop playing games.

And Erica may still be on her 'round the world trip - but you can bet that she'll have something to say about everything that's going on in Pine Valley. You can get all her thoughts on her blog, right here.

What are you looking forward to the most in September?

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I thought Erica and Jack were supposed to be back in September? That never made much sense since SL and WW only start taping again in September, but that's what ABC said.

Rylee declaring their love, Marissa, Randi, Tad/Krystal? I hope this David thing is really good or else I'm probably going to be sitting most of this month out as well.

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Omg I can't believe Kendall will find herself behind bars again, I hope it isn't serious.

Man I like Krystal with Caleb now, so I'm kind of wary about Tad being jealous of them. Why can't AMC find someone new for him? I thought he was going to start online dating??

Looking forward to the Greenlee/Bianca/Kendall stuff. Also Randi getting jealous of Frankie/Madison, Asher/JR (wonder what he finds out), basically everything on this preview except for that Greenlee/Ryan paragraph.

I wonder what the bombshell is that Marissa drops?!

*giddy* I don't care if some of this stuff might suck, it's still got me more excitement than I have any right to be for ol' AMC!


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