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So Discuss DAMMIT

I was able to watch live for the first time in Ever

Can't stand Kendall- AM sucks so much from this show. Zendall is what's killing AMC in my book I like Pratt;s

work but reuniting Zendall cause a fanbase thinks they should always have there way sucks. Pratt should

have fought Frons on keeping them apart.

I love Annie and Adam enjoy them more each day. Melissa Claire Egan should win the EMMY next month

I"m really intrigued with the Liza/Jake/Amanda story.

Can't stand Marissa dull actress.

I like the Dead DA's Wife.

Not Feeling the Cougar Story

Over all decent Rebecca Taylor script til needs to be on the unemployment line.

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Well I enjoyed the Marissa/Liza stuff. I much prefer Marissa in David/Krystal's orbit and away from JR/Scott --- she's boring there, but has potential and spark/attitude with her parents.

We need to further this Kendall/Stuart murder mystery - I'm kinda getting over it. Still love Adam/Annie though.

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Who the hell ever said this was a murder mystery? At least during the previous good writers(and no way is Pratt one he's the biggest hack of the last two writing regimes before him)there was some suspense. Pointing the finger at one suspect for six months(or however long this thing goes)is not even basic murder she wrote. It's like all the other previous suspects have been forgotten. If that's the case why were a half dozen people pissed off at Adam only to be cleared before investigating anything. Adam is not sick anymore, Ian is practically cured, Tad wanted to find out who killed Dixie. Pratt can't seem to remember the garbage he wrote last week, let alone a couple of months ago. The resolution to this thing is so gonna suck and be underwhelming.

Only bigger moron is Frons for hiring his incompetent arse in the first place. Cougar story right. Ryan's gotta be what pushing 40. Erica is like what 60 in real time. No disrespect to SL but she's way older than a cougar. The real cougars are like Kendall and Liza and they'd have to bring on some barely legal guy.

Don't care for the Jake/Amanda pairing as he comes off sleazy trying too much to be cool. Telling David he killed his own child tainted him to me. Marissa is too vanilla. Even if she were to go bad not sure I'd buy it since she's so boring. So sick of crazy Annie. Adam seems to be whipped by any younger woman that seems to notice him revisit to KWAK.

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I feel your frustration, wew.

Not a great episode.

Mabe is now slithering her way Carey-style into more of PV. Not unexpected but not what I care to see.

The dialogue between Colby and Marissa was awful. The high volume of plot disrupts the naturalness of the dialogue. YMMV.

Are BMu, BMo and DV the future female stars of AMC? Heh.

Regarding the murder cases, I still have absolutely no idea why Madison is giving intel and North's case file for Stuart's murder to Zach? Because she's awed by the demonstrated he loved Kendall? That's what she's said. Am I missing something another motive? Because she wants to give Randi up? Why does Zach need to be involved tp let Randi take the fall? Madison has everything she needs for her own defense should she need one, imo. Admittedly, I could have zoned out on some detail. As it stands, I don't get it.

I am enjoying Adam and Annie still.

Not so much the Baby Lie-arama.

Not even Erica is rocking me right now. *pouts* Don't like the way she's been with Annie. The Kendall and Erica convo was mostly Erica cheering for Zach and Kendall feeling undeserving of his love. Ryan and Erica are hit and miss for me but SL is good getting CM to dial it back and it works for Ryan. I am not a Ryan fan but he doesn't get on my nerves as much lately. I really don't want them to have sex. That pretty much seals that they will. :)

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    • Y&R has been toying with the 'film in public spaces in the studio and pretend it's on location' since at least JFP. A lot of drab institutional-looking stairwells, like when Phyllis took her tumble down some stairs when Stafford left the show for GH. In fairness, I'm sure soaps have always played with filming in the facilities and making it pretend to be location over the decades. But the lighting and production value in the earlier years was much more adept at disguising it vs. the ugly GL/ATWT and even recent GH and Y&R method of 'just film anywhere backstage and pretend it's a set'. You can tell the difference between some grimy back staircase on Studio X and a stairwell in Newman Enterprises or whatever.
    • I haven't watched yet, but that sounds promising. Perhaps not having a personal history with her as he does with the P&G soaps actually helped in that he prepared better.
    • I was just listening to Marquee Moon randomly the other day. What an incredible song and artist. R.I.P.    
    • I was probably the only one in the target age range at the time who was impressed by that lol.  ATWT seemed to me like GL's older (I know, I know, GL was first by a long shot, but you wouldn't have known it going by the cast members who were on the show by then), stable, more popular sibling, even if that popularity was waning.  As other soaps disappointed me, that sense of consistency started to appeal to me.  Even though I never found ATWT compelling long-term whenever I tuned in in those years, and of course it had as much turmoil behind the scenes as the other network/sponsor-owned shows by then.
    • Lol didn’t they kinda do that when GT’s Phyllis dyed her hair blonde?
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