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AMC: Open letter to Agnes Nixon

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I know you're busy and enjoying your well earned golden years. So please forgive the intrusion, Ms. Nixon, on your leisure.

We know that these are the last days of soaps. Guiding Light has been dispatched. ATWT will likely follow next year. Within ten years, they will all fall, one by one, until nothing is left. If we fans see this, then you, one of the total greats of the genre, see it, too. Still, I must object that the stewardship of your crown jewel has been left to the sublimely untalented Charles Pratt, Jr. I ask you to think of your legacy. Should the final days of All My Children be so very wretched? Should this show, once so thoughtful and socially relevant, end as cheap knock-off of the worst of Melrose Place?

I grew up watching All My Children. You cannot begin to understand the impact Erica Kane had on my formative years. She was better than Barbie because we saw her face every adversity and triumph. She may have been tiny but no one could fill her shoes! Big moments like Bianca coming out moved me to my very soul, but so did small moments like the happy times of the blended family of Tad, Dixie, JR and Jamie that reflected a situation many of us were going through at the time. I cried and cried when Jesse "died". I laughed at the rivalry between Adam & Palmer. Most of all, I cared about these characters, this town, and the world you created.

Now the show is written by a true Hack. The Hack of Hacks, if you will. Mr. Pratt clearly has no love for the genre, the characters, or the fans. AMC is a shell of itself. This is not your show, and this is not your vision. If you have any influence whatsoever with Brian Frons, I implore you to consider your legacy. Do not let the final years of AMC go down the drain this way.

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