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Help: I need a new logo for "My View of Llanview"

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Hello all,

Last night, while typing up my latest column, "My View of Llanview," it occurred to me that the logo I frequently use for my column has become rather outdated. This is where you guys come in. I am hoping that someone out there in SON Land can come up with a new logo for me to use. The image must be at least 200 x 200, and contain the words "My View of Llanview" someone on it. Also, I would rather not have any pictures of actors in the logo. Otherwise, it is pretty much up to you. I also need a new banner for the homepage of my columns on the SON website. Same rules apply with the banner, only it needs to be at least 500 x 150 (which is the size of the present banner).

My goal is to receive several, and then for everyone to vote on the best logo and banner. The one with the most votes will be the winner. Sorry, but there is no prize for creating the winning logo/banner. But whenever I use the logo, I will credit you by including your name under the image.

Thank you everyone for you help. :)


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