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SoapsWEB's Soap Opera Hall of Fame

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One of the projects I have intended to do since Day One of SoapsWEB was a Soap Opera Hall of Fame. I just wanted to get some time under the belt and wait until some time after the first Webbie Awards where I introduced 3 annual awards honoring some of the greats in the business. I also wanted to work out in my mind just exactly how to go about doing this. When I was on staff at Daytime Royalty I attempted to do one there - working to get folks involved in the process but it didn't really work out. I eventually lost interest and dropped the project.

The Soap Opera Hall of Fame is a project near and dear to my heart. Why in the world there is not one has really bothered me for a long time. Back in the 1970s, Daytime TV magazine instituted one but it only last 2 or 3 years inducting folks like Mary Stuart and Judith Light. Later Soap Opera Weekly instituted another inducting Eileen Fulton, Susan Lucci and a few others. Both projects failed sadly.

So I have wanted Soaps WEB to definitely do one - the biggest thing for me has been getting the time to do it right and deciding the best way to go about it.

I decided at the first of April that I would launch it this month, and I sat down and decided that there were 5 individuals that had to be there and then I made a list of others that should be there. I started to go with those 5 being the initial inductees, but ultimately decided that the Hall of Fame is something that should have been done years ago and instead of trying to catch up I am going to put the people who I feel should have already been in the Hall of Fame in there this first year.

Two days ago I began doing the tributes and so far have revealed 4 of the inductees: Denise Alexander, Charita Bauer, John Beradino and William J. Bell. There are still more to come. Be sure to watch in the next few weeks for the others to be revealed.

In coming years more inductions will be made as part of The Webbie Awards each Fall.

Check the Hall of Fame out at:


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