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OLTL: Llanview Hospital Should Be Shut Down

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If you are looking for a medical facility in which to give birth, please do not consider Llanview Hospital! You and your newborn would be better off stranded in a cabin on Llantano Mountain.

Although the unfortunate situation of baby swappings has happened all over the soap opera map, the dilemma seems to be particularly dire at Llanview's premier medical center.

In the early 1980's poor Katrina Karr was told her baby girl had died in the hospital's nursery when in reality the child had been switched (by Karen Wolek and Marco Dane) with the dead baby of Jenny Wolek Vernon...and the truth didn't come out for several years!

In the late 80's Nurse Brenda McGillis and socialite Alicia Grande gave birth to babies at the same time, but Alicia's child died soon after birth. However, Gabrielle Medina snuck into the hospital's nursery and switched the dead Grande baby with Brenda's live infant son, and once again it took a looong time for the truth to come out.

Now in 2008, the lax security of the hospital's nursery has resurfaced, as loony Jessica/Tess/Bess/Sybil/whoever the hell she is carries a dead baby INTO the hospital, upstairs into the nursery, and switches the infant corpse with the live baby girl of Starr Manning.

So Llanview women, if you are faced with a pending birth, cross the river and head to Pine Valley! B)

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