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Webbie Award Winners Announced

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The Webbie Awards
The 1st Annual SoapsWEB Awards


SoapsWEB is proud to announce the nominees for the First Annual Webbie Awards honoring the best in soap operas of all time. For weeks a special panel have been submitting ballots in which they could choose from nominees for any soap opera from radio, television, daytime, primetime, or anywhere in the world. The names mentioned most often in each category were assembled from SoapsWEB, Soap Opera Network, Soap Opera Source, and Daytime Roaylty to make the nominations you see below. In the coming weeks, information will be passed on that will allow you to now participate in choosing the winners of the awards. Special thanks to the individuals who submitted ballots and helped to make this happen.

* winners in red

Best Opening/Theme Song

All My Children (1970 to 1990)
Another World (1974 to 1981)
Days of Our Lives (1964 to 1993)
The Edge of Night (1976 to 1980)
Search For Tomorrow (Somewhere in the Night, 1986)
Young & the Restless (Nadia's Theme, 1973 to 1999)

Outstanding Guest Performance

Carol Burnett (Verla Grubbs, All My Children, 1984)
Joan Crawford (Joan Borman Kane, The Secret Storm, 1968)
Shirley Jones (Colleen Brady, Days of Our Lives, 2008)
Ann Sheridan (Kathryn Corning, Another World, 1965 to 1966)
Elizabeth Taylor (Helena Cassadine, General Hospital, 1981)
Betty White (Ann Douglas, Bold & the Beautiful, 2006 to 2008)

Outstanding Dual or Multiple Roles

David Canary (Adam & Stuart Chandler, All My Children)
Jacqueline Courtney (Pat & Maggie Ashley, One Life To Live)
Anne Heche (Marly Love & Victoria Hudson, Another World)
Julianne Moore (Frannie & Sabrina, As The World Turns)
Erika Slezak (Vicki & her alters, One Life To Live)
Ellen Wheeler (Marly Love & Victoria Hudson, Another World)

Outstanding Crossover

The Baby Switch Characters (All My Children, One Life To Live)
Iris Bancroft (Another World to Texas)
Jake McKinnon (Another World to As The World Turns)
Mitchell Dru (Another World, As The World Turns, The Brighter Day)
Paul Martin (All My Children to One Life to Live)
Sheila Carter (Young & the Restless to Bold & the Beautiful)
Skye Quartermaine (All My Children, One Life To Live, General Hospital)

Outstanding Hero

Greg Nelson (All My Children)
Dr. Bob Hughes (As The World Turns)
Steve Frame (Another World)
Bo Brady (Days of Our Lives)
Roman Brady (Days of Our Lives)
Dr. Nick Bellini (The Doctors)
Adam Drake (The Edge of Night)
Michael Bauer (The Guiding Light)

Outstanding Heroine

Alice Frame (Another World)
Marlena Evans (Days of Our Lives)
Nicole Cavanaugh (The Edge of Night)
Laura Spencer (General Hospital)
Lesley Webber (General Hospital)
Victoria Davidson (One Life To Live)
Joanne Tourneur (Search For Tomorrow)

Outstanding Family

The Martin Family (All My Children)
The Matthews Family (Another World)
The Hughes Family (As The World Turns)
The Horton Family (Days of Our Lives)
The Quartermaine Family (General Hospital)
The Bauer Family (The Guiding Light)
The Ryan Family (Ryan's Hope)

Outstanding Non-Traditional Family

Cass, Felicia, Wallingford (Another World)
The Collins Family (Dark Shadows)
The Whitney Family (The Edge of Night)
The Quartermaine Family (General Hospital)
The Cramer Family (One Life To Live)

Outstanding Villian

Palmer Cortlandt (All My Children)
Carl Hutchins (Another World)
Dr. John Dixon (As The World Turns)
James Stenbeck (As The World Turns)
Victor Kiriakis (Days of Our Lives)
Roger Thorpe (The Guiding Light)

Outstanding Villianess

Iris Wheeler (Another World, Texas)
Lisa Grimaldi (As The World Turns)
Tracy Quartermaine (General Hospital)
Meg Dale (Love of Life)
Dorian Lord (One Life To Live)
Jill Foster (Young & the Restless)

Outstanding Couple

Steve & Alice (Another World)
Jeff & Penny (As The World Turns)
Doug & Julie (Days of Our Lives)
Bo & Hope (Days of Our Lives)
Nick & Althea (The Doctors)
Adam & Nicole (The Edge of Night)
Luke & Laura (General Hospital)
Quint & Nola (The Guiding Light)
Joe & Victoria (One Life To Live)

Outstanding Patriarch

Chris Hughes (As The World Turns)
Dr. Tom Horton (Days of Our Lives)
Papa Fredrick Bauer (The Guiding Light)
Dr. Steve Hardy (General Hospital)
Stu Bergman (Search For Tomorrow)

Outstanding Matriarch

Kate Martin (All My Children)
Mary Matthews (Another World)
Nancy Hughes (As The World Turns)
Alice Horton (Days of Our Lives)
Bert Bauer (The Guiding Light)
Maeve Ryan (Ryan's Hope)

Outstanding Storyline

Steve, Alice & Rachel Triangle (Another World)
BJ's Heart Transplant Story (General Hospital)
Roger Rapes Holly Storyline (The Guiding Light)
Ben the Bigamist (Love of Life)
The Original Victoria/Nikki Multiple Personality Story in the late 1960's (One Life To Live)
Carla attempts to pass for white/bi-racial love story with Jim Craig (One Life To Live)
Karen Wolek Prostitution/Talbot Huddleston Murder Trial Story (One Life To Live)

Outstanding Moment or Episode

Rachel reveals she is pregnant with Steve's child during Alice's engagement party (Another World)
Adam Drake's monologue closing argument at Julie Jamison's trial (The Edge of Night)
Marlena first rises off the bed when possessed by the devil (Days of Our Lives)
Luke rapes Laura (General Hospital)
Alex reams out Roger at The Country Club (The Guiding Light)
Karen Wolek on the witness stand (One Life To Live)
Marty's gang rape (One Life To Live)

Outstanding Triangle

Phillip, Tara & Chuck (All My Children)
Steve, Alice & Rachel (Another World)
Bill, Mickey & Laura (Days of Our Lives)
John, Kristen, & Marlena (Days of Our Lives)
Blake, Krystle, & Alexis (Dynasty)
Luke, Laura, & Scotty (General Hospital)
Victor, Nikki, & Ashley (Young & the Restless)

Outstanding Character Transformation

Brooke English (All My Children)
Phoebe Tyler (All My Children)
Rachel Davis (Another World)
Barbara Ryan (As The World Turns)
Luke Spencer (General Hospital)
Phyllis Summers (Young & the Restless)

Outstanding Psycho Character

Kristen Blake (Days of Our Lives)
Keith Whitney/Jonah Lockwood (The Edge of Night)
Kit Vestid (The Guiding Light)
Annie Dutton (The Guiding Light)
Allison Perkins (One Life To Live)
Sheila Carter (Young & the Restless; Bold & the Beautiful)

Outstanding Location Shoot

Erica & Tom in St. Croix (All My Children)
Janice tries to kill Mac in St. Croix but gets killed by Rachel (Another World)
The Falls/Tina's fall (One Life To Live)
Jack & Mary in Ireland (Ryan's Hope)
Travis & Liza in Hong Kong (Search For Tomorrow)

Pioneer Award

Elaine Carrington
Frank & Anne Hummert
Agnes Nixon
Irna Phillips
Roy Winsor

Legend Award

William J. Bell
Douglas Marland
Agnes Nixon
Irna Phillips
Mary Stuart

Icon Award

Eric Braedan
Anthony Geary
Deidre Hall
Erica Kane
Susan Lucci
Irna Phillips

Innovator Award

Dan Curtis
Harding Lemay
Douglas Marland
Gloria Monty
Agnes Nixon
James E. Reilly

Outstanding Daytime Soap Opera Actor of All Time

Peter Bergman (All My Children; Young & the Restless)
Larry Bryggman (As The World Turns)
Justin Deas (Ryan's Hope; As The World Turns; Santa Barbara; Guiding Light)
Anthony Geary (Bright Promise; Young & the Restless; General Hospital; Sunset Beach; Port Charles)
Douglas Watson (The Nurses; Moment of Truth; Search For Tomorrow; Love of Life; Another World)
Michael Zaslow (Search For Tomorrow; Love is a Many Splendored Thing; The Guiding Light; One Life To Live)

Outstanding Daytime Soap Opera Actress of All Time

Jane Eliot (The Nurses; A Flame in the Wind; General Hospital; Guiding Light; All My Children; Days of Our Lives; The City)
Judith Light (One Life To Live)
Beverlee McKinsey (Love is a Many Splendored Thing; Another World; Another World; Texas; Guiding Light; General Hospital)
Erika Slezak (One Life To Live)
Robin Strasser (Another World; All My Children; One Life To Live; Passions)
Mary Stuart (Search For Tomorrow; One Life To Live; Guiding Light)

Outstanding Radio Soap Opera of All Time

Backstage Wife
The Guiding Light
Ma Perkins
One Man's Family
The Romance of Helen Trent

Outstanding Foreign Soap Opera of All Time

Coronation Street
Home & Away
Prisoner: Cell Block H

Outstanding Primetime Soap Opera of All Time

Falcon Crest
Knots Landing
Peyton Place

Outstanding Daytime Soap Opera of the 1950s

As The World Turns
The Edge of Night
The Guiding Light
Love of Life
Search For Tomorrow
The Secret Storm

Outstanding Daytime Soap Opera of the 1960s

Another World
As The World Turns

Dark Shadows
The Edge of Night
The Guiding Light

Outstanding Daytime Soap Opera of the 1970s

All My Children
Another World
Days of Our Lives
The Edge of Night
One Life To Live
Young & the Restless

Outstanding Daytime Soap Opera of the 1980s

All My Children
As The World Turns
Guiding Light
Santa Barbara
Young & the Restless

Outstanding Daytime Soap Opera of the 1990s

As The World Turns
Days of Our Lives
General Hospital
Guiding Light
Young & the Restless

Outstanding Daytime Soap Opera of the 2000s

As The World Turns
Bold & the Beautiful
General Hospital
One Life To Live
Young & the Restless

Outstanding Daytime Soap Opera of All Time

Another World
As The World Turns
The Edge of Night
The Guiding Light
One Life To Live

To see how your favorites ranked check the polls here:


Number of Nominations/Wins:

Another World - 27/9
One Life To Live - 24/4
As The World Turns - 20/2
The Guiding Light - 20/5
All My Children - 19/1
General Hospital - 18/2
Days of Our Lives - 17/7
Young & the Restless - 12/3
The Edge of Night - 11/2
Search For Tomorrow - 6/1
Ryan's Hope - 4/0
Bold & the Beautiful - 4/1
Love of Life - 4/0
Texas - 3/1
The Doctors - 2/0
Dynasty - 2/0
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing - 2/2
The Nurses - 2/0
Dark Shadows - 2/0
The Secret Storm - 2/0
Santa Barbara - 2/1
The Brighter Day - 1/0
Bright Promise - 1/0
Sunset Beach - 1/0
Port Charles - 1/0
Moment of Truth - 1/0
Passions - 1/0
A Flame in the Wind - 1/0
The City - 1/0
Backstage Wife - 1/0
Ma Perkins - 1/0
One Man's Family - 1/0
Romance of Helen Trent - 1/0
Coronation Street - 1/1
EastEnders - 1/0
Hollyoaks - 1/0
Home & Away - 1/0
Prisoner: Cell Block H - 1/0
Dallas - 1/0
Falcon Crest - 1/0
Knots Landing - 1/1
Peyton Place - 1/0

Thanks to all the members of the nomination panel who took the time to help pick the nominees. You all helped to do a very good job. Also thanks to the 35 people who voted and chose the winners.

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Steve, this is great stuff. Just out of curiousity, how many people voted in this poll?

I am so pleasantly shocked that AW was voted best soap of all-time. Despite the fact that I completely agree with that assessment, AW is consistently underrated and underappreciated by soap fans, the soap press, and the soap elite (i.e., those that give the awards). Indeed, I would have expected Y&R, GH, AMC, ATWT, GL, and DOOL to each have far better chances of being rated best soap of all-time.

If there's one soap that I feel got the short end of the stick in these polls, it is definately SFT. I certainly consider Jo to be the best soap heroine of all-time. And, there can be no doubt that the friendship between Jo and Stu is the best male-female (non-romantic) friendship (which is a category that should have been included in these awards) in soap history.

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We ended up having 35 or 36 people vote. The actual forum for the awards got almost 5,000 hits from the day the voting started to the day the voting stopped but only that number voted. I actually got more complaints via e-mail and PM about the nominees than I got votes - which was weird. Most were upset because the nominees were too old and did not reflect more of the actors, characters and couples of today - which makes me understand why ABC and CBS SID geared their Top 100 couples to the most recent couples.

I am a big AW fan too and was so shocked that they did as well as they did. I did everything I could do to keep the awards from being skewered to one show. I chose people to help pick the ballot that I knew were not geared exclusively toward one show. They all had their preferences to a show but I tried not to pick more than 2 die hard fans of any one show. Then I didn't advertise the awards myself on any board that was just about one show. 1 board I advertised on was a strong GL board and 1 was a strong Days board but both were boards for all shows. Of all the new registrations registered during teh voting, more listed Days of Our Lives as their favorite show or favorite show of all time. So I know that somewhere along the lines word got out to them a lot. Evidently not many from teh strong GL board came and voted because only 1 or 2 new registrations listed GL as a favorite show or fave of all time at all.

At first the awards were lead by Days in just about all categories in the voting and AW wasn't doing good at all. Then toward the end both GH and AW got moving but GH kind of petered out.

I think the show that shocked me the most was OLTL doing as well as it did. It is often the black sheep in things like this, but it came out 2nd in noms overall.

Some of the toughest categories or closest ones was the fight for Best Show of the 60's. Those 3 winners and Dark Shadows went back and forth on the lead the whole time with 3 of them ended up tied. and Dark Shadows left out.

Also until about mid-voting Bert Bauer and Alice Horton fought it out in Matriarch. Also Bo & Hope and Adam & Nicole fought it out in couple and Adam & Nicole only won by one vote.

The other really tough category was Primetime Serial. Dallas, Dynasty, Knot's Landing and Peyton Place fought it out and KL only won by one vote over the other 3 which tied for 2nd.


I was shocked at how poorly SFT did too. It looked like they would win Best Soap of the 50's at first but ATWT came on mid way and took it.

I have already looked at some things for the awards next year. I wanted to save some categories for the next time and add them to the current ones. One of those is Best Friendship and another is Comic Relief Character and so on. On and I think we may do Best & Worst Recast next time too.

That was when I was really psyched for the awards. And hopefully by next year I will be again. I came up with the idea for the awards watching the TV Land awards and I got so excited about them and that was my mistake. I think if I hadn't gotten so excited and psyched it I wouldn't have gotten as discouraged as I have.

Oh well I am just happy the first ones got done. It's over and as Mom always said no use in crying over spilled milk.

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