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Soap History Fan Needs a Little Help


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I was going to do this through PM but my PM thingy here won't work for some reason.

Anyway I need some help from my fellow history fans here.

My site SoapsWEB is getting ready to do our first annual Webbie Awards honoring the history of soap opera from it's inception on radio to it's current shows. These will be something like the TV Land Awards except for soap opera in all it's forms.

The first part of the awards is going to be picking the ballot which will be picked by a panel of judges.

I need as many people as i can get to serve on this panel.

They need people who know something about the history of soaps and will be objective in picking their ballot. No preconceived irrational ideas about what a soap opera is or is not. (Don't ask).

There are basically about 25 to 30 categories and you will just need to pick your top 5 in each category. Then the ballot will be made from the ones who get the most votes.

I really want this to work and really want to kick it off by the end of the year. I think it may take awhile to get the ballot done.

IF you would be willing to participate go over to SoapsWEB and send me a PM. I would say do it here, but since I can't receive PM's or send them I can't.

SoapsWEB is a very different board and is not in competition with SON or any board - so I don't feel like I am soliciting members. You don't have to stay over there as a member, just be a part of this panel.

The web address is: http://s15.zetaboards.com/SoapsWeb/index/

Please be patient with the look of the board right now. It just went through a change from IF to Zeta and is undergoing a transformation.



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Oh folks here is a little more info about the awards:


SoapsWEB is getting ready to do it's 1st Annual Webbie Awards - honoring the history of the soap opera genre.

The judges will list 5 in each category which can be from any soap opera - foreign, daytime, radio or primetime

Anyway here are the categories I have come up with so far.

Theme Song

Guest Performance in a Daytime Soap

Dual Role

Best Crossover




Non-traditional Family







Greatest Moment/Episode


Character Transformation (bad to good or good to bad)

Best Psycho Character

Best Location Shoot

Pioneer Award (anyone who was a pioneer in the soap opera genre)

Legend Award (a person who has become a legend in the soap world)

Icon Award (a person or character that a person sees or hears the name and just knows who they are)

Innovator (a show or person that changed the soap opera genre - brought it to new heights)


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