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GH: The Spencer Family History

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Does anyone know the full Spencer family story? How are Luke and Bobbie related to the Eckerts, did Ruby have kids and are their parents named Tim and Lena? I read it somewhere. I am working on a fanfiction, so any information would be greatly appreciated :)

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Tim and Lena Spencer are Luke and Bobbie's parents. Lena is dead, Tim's whereabouts are unknown, and he was a deadbeat in the few years Luke and Bobbie remember him. Believe they struck out on their own in their early teens right after Lena's death (I want to say she drank herself to death or fell ill... she wasn't murdered or battered to death).

The Eckerts were distant cousins, not a direct branch from a sibling of Tim or Lena, from what I remember. Not sure the actual link was established on-screen, but more of an afterthought response to why Luke and Bill looked so much alike when Luke and Bobbie's immediate family history had been so clearly established before.

Ruby had no (known) children. To my knowledge, Ruby was not a biological relation to Luke or Bobbie, but they came to consider her an Aunt. From what I recall, Ruby was the madam that Bobbie worked for while she was a prostitute.

The Eckerts have a much clearer family tree, and it pretty much all played out on screen.

Fred Eckert and Angela (Moscini?) Eckert produced William "Bill" and Jennifer "Jenny" Eckert. Bill married Nancy (who took the name Eckert, not sure of her maiden name) and they produced Sylvester "Sly" Eckert. Jenny ended up with Paul and gave birth to a child (in 1996), but I'm not sure of the sex or name.

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